Microstep Motor has outside diameter of 4 mm.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for use in medical, optical, and fiber optic communications applications, LPD4 dual-phase, permanent magnet, micro-sized stepping motor has overall axial length of 8.3 mm. It can produce pull-out torque to 11 milli-oz-in. @ 1,875 rpm and holding torque to 23 milli-oz-in. Max unloaded pull-in speed for 3 Vdc motor is 6,000 rpm, and step angle is 22.5°.

Original Press Release:

New 4mm Microstep Motor

Nidec Copal USA Corp. of Torrance, CA announces a new 2 phase PM 4mm micro sized stepping motor, the LPD4. The LPD4 is 4mm (0.157 inches) outside diameter with an overall axial length of 8.3mm (0.327 inches).

The Nidec Copal LPD4 stepping motor produces a pull-out torque of 11 milli-oz-in. at 500pps (1875 rpm). The 3vdc motor features a step angle of 22.5°. Holding torque is 23 milli-oz-in. Maximum unloaded pull-in speed is 1600 pps or 6000 rpm.

In addition to the 4mm motor, the LPD series includes 6mm (LPD6), 7mm (LPD7), and 10mm(LPD10) stepping motors. This family of new micro stepping motors are designed for use in a wide range of medical, optical, and fiber optic communications applications.

For further information please contact Copal USA at (310) 782-6102 or the company email at info@copal-usa.com.

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