Microspheres bolster properties of paint and coatings.

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SPHERICEL® 60P18 and 34P30 are 18 and 30 micron glass microspheres, respectively, designed to improve scrub and burnish properties, viscosity control, thermal insulation, and sound dampening characteristics of paint and coatings. Colorless glass construction will not discolor light or pastel formulations, and low-energy surface minimizes friction and drag. With densities of 0.60 and 0.34 g/cc, products have hollow structure and do not absorb resin.

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SPHERICEL® Hollow Glass Microspheres Offer Previously Unattainable Properties for Paint and Coating Formulations

Valley Forge, PA < (April 13, 2005). The newest additions to Potters Industries' line of lightweight spherical additives for paint and coating formulations are the 18 and 30 micron hollow glass microspheres. Called SPHERICEL® 60P18 and SPHERICEL® 34P30 respectively, these hollow glass microspheres offer improved scrub and burnish properties, viscosity control, thermal insulation and sound dampening characteristics, improved performance and other functional properties previously unattainable to paint and coatings formulators.

According to William Shaker, Market Development Manager of Polymer Additives at Potters Industries, "No one conventional additive can match the multiple performance benefits of SPHERICEL® hollow glass microspheres. Because they are made of colorless glass they do not discolor light or pastel formulations. Their hollow structure, low density (0.60 and 0.34 g/cc) and small particle size make them ideal for use as extenders for paint formulations."

Paint that is extended with SPHERICEL® microspheres has a lower viscosity than one filled to an equivalent volume with a non-spherical extender. Spherical particles have a low-energy surface that minimizes friction and drag. As a result, an equal volume substitution of these microspheres for irregularly shaped extenders will decrease the coating's viscosity. "Lower viscosity is a significant benefit in offsetting VOC levels in solvent borne paint," says Shaker. "Adding microspheres to a high-VOC paint formulation allows formulators to remove some of the solvent and still maintain a viscosity that facilitates application and spreading properties."

With particle sizes considerably finer than previously available, SPHERICEL® hollow microspheres can be used in thin film coatings to improve integrity. "Because glass spheres do not absorb resin, more resin is available to create the film," explains Shaker. "The result is a tighter and more uniform film with improved durability, even under adverse conditions."

SPHERICEL® microspheres may also be added to improve hiding properties or to replace some of the titanium dioxide (TiO2). The hollow glass spheres redirect the angle of light, imparting opacity. "Depending on the formulation," says Shaker, "Equivalent tint strength can be achieved with 5%-10% replacement of TiO2."

Potters Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of PQ Corporation, is the world's leading manufacturer of engineered glass materials for highway safety, industrial and specialty applications. For more information on the properties and performance advantages of SPHERICEL® hollow glass microspheres, please call 610-651-4715 or visit the Potters Industries website at www.pottersbeads.com.

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