Microservers mount on standard 35 mm DIN rail.

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To facilitate start-up, iServer Models EIS-2 and EIS-2-RJ use dynamically assigned IP address from DHCP server on network. Static IP address can be assigned locally, through serial connection, or remotely over Ethernet network, via Telnet or web browser, using factory default IP address. Servers connect to Ethernet network with standard RJ45 connector. User can select RS-232 or RS-485 and RS-422 serial communications from configuration web page.

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EIS-2 & EIS-2-RJ :Industrial MicroServers

Getting started with the iServer is very simple and easy because it can take a dynamically assigned IP address from a DHCP server on your network. This DHCP client capability is a valuable and unique feature of the OMEGA iServer that makes it extremely easy and simple to start using this device on almost any Ethernet network.

You can easily assign a static IP address to the iServer instead of a dynamic one, if necessary. The IP address can be assigned locally through its serial connection, as well as remotely over an Ethernet network via Telnet or a web browser, using its factory default IP address.

The OMEGA iServer connects to an Ethernet Network with a standard RJ45 connector. Serial devices connect to screw terminals on removable connectors. You can select RS-232, or RS-485 (and RS-422) Serial Communications from the configuration Web page.

The iServer can be used to make an existing Serial device a "node" on an Ethernet network with a unique IP address that's accessible from any authorized computer on the LAN, WAN, or Internet. The iServer can instead be used to create a virtual tunnel on an Ethernet/Internet network simulating a local point-to-point serial connection between a serial device and a PC. Models EIS-2 and EIS-2-RJ mount on standard 35mm DIN rail.

Price is $195.00.

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