Microscopes suit industrial inspection and measurement.

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Featuring UIS optics, SZ and STM Series Microscopes offers broad range of illumination, from conventional white light and near infrared to deep UV and infrared. SZ Series Zoom Stereomicroscopes come in Greenough models for 3-D viewing and Galilean models with highly corrected optical systems and higher magnifications. Suited for inspecting large samples, STM Series Measuring Microscopes offer motorized focusing and high-rigidity body with integrated counters.

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New, Versatile Olympus Inspection and Measurement Microscopes

Orangeburg, NY Advanced materials research, device miniaturization, nanotechnology, and MEMs have all contributed to the urgent, growing need for greater precision and flexibility in microscopic imaging and measurement. To meet the challenge, Olympus Micro-Imaging is announcing a series of new measurement and inspection microscopes and imaging systems featuring the broadest spectrum of illumination, from conventional white light and near infra-red to deep ultra violet and infra-red. The SZ and STM series of microscopes are designed for a wide range of industrial inspection and measurement applications and feature a variety of models to cover increasing user demand for new measuring capabilities, higher resolutions, better contrast, superior functionality, and improved ergonomics for long periods of fatigue-free operation in high volume manufacturing environments. All the scopes offer high performance and exceptional levels of precision and durability for today's broad research and industrial environments.

The two series of scopes feature Olympus's patented UIS optics for outstanding resolution, contrast, and clear edge detection; motorized focusing provides quick, precise z-axis measurement.

Olympus Micro-Imaging's SZ series of zoom stereomicroscopes are available in two popular microscope designs. The Greenough design offers a lightweight and compact microscope while providing excellent three-dimensional viewing and an outstanding depth of field. Galilean design models have highly-corrected optical systems and attain higher magnifications, while offering modularity and a large range of illumination choices. All models, with the proper adapters, can accept a variety of digital cameras for image archiving.

The new STM series of measuring microscopes includes models for fast inspection of large samples and the high-precision STM6 which offers the most compact body in this class. These scopes feature motorized focusing, highly advanced UIS optics, and a high-rigidity body with integrated counters.

For more information on Olympus Micro-Imaging's SZ and STM series of microscopes, visit www.olympusmicroimaging.com.


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