Microscope provides inspection and quality assurance.

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Mitutoyo FS70 works with Mitutoyo's Infinite Conjugate objectives. Clear imaging is provided by coarse and fine focus adjustments, and fiberoptic light guide. Trinocular microscope head allows simultaneous video and binocular viewing. Focusing 10x or 20x wide field eyepieces accept 25 mm dia reticules for measurement applications. Instrument offers magnifications from 2x to 200x, 1x to 2x zoom range, and reverse nosepiece that holds up to 4 objectives.

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Edmund Industrial Optics Announces New High-Power Inspection Microscope

April 26, 2002. Barrington, NJ - Edmund Industrial Optics (EO) of Barrington, New Jersey has announced the release of the Mitutoyo FS70 Microscope. This microscope is ideal for inspection and quality assurance applications, and is designed to be used with Mitutoyo's line of Infinite Conjugate objectives. Objectives are sold separately and described below. System magnifications up to 200X are currently available and 400X will be available this summer.

The precise focusing mechanism allows both coarse and fine focus adjustments, to yield crisp, clear images. Imaging is also aided by a fiberoptic light guide that provides bright field illumination.

The 50/50 trinocular microscope head allows for simultaneous video and binocular viewing. The focusing 10X or 20X wide field eyepieces can accept 25-mm diameter reticules for measurement applications.

The reverse nosepiece can hold up to four objectives, allowing a range of magnifications. The instrument has a 1X to 2X zoom range.


This line of eleven plano-apochromatic objectives (long and super-long working distances models available) is designed for use in the visible wavelengths. They are corrected for chromatic aberration in the red, yellow, and blue, and provide good color reproducibility.

The objectives are available in a range of magnifications from 2X (with a numerical aperture (NA) of 0.055 and a working distance of 34 mm), to 200X (with a NA of 0.62 and working distance of 13 mm).

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Edmund Industrial Optics (EO) has been a leading supplier of optics and optical components to industry since 1942, designing and manufacturing a wide array of multi-element lenses, lens coatings, imaging systems, and opto-mechanical equipment. EO is application-focused and pursues new ways to implement optical technology, enabling advancements in semiconductor manufacturing, industrial metrology, and medical instrumentation. Our staff and facilities span the US, Europe, Singapore, Japan and China. EO's skilled optical engineers design precision products for use in research, test & measurement applications, and for the automation of manufacturing processes. Visit www.edmundoptics.com to learn more.


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