Microprocessor Control suits screw compressor systems.

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Offering FES screw compressor and refrigeration system control technology, GForce(TM) features 15 in. diagonal color LCD touch screen with resistive technology. Display graphics allow 1- or 2-touch navigation through control system operation, and Ethernet connection enables remote accessibility via intranet/internet connection using any Java-enabled web browser. Product supports up to 31 I/O interface cards, each with 16 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, and two 24-point DIO tracks.

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New Microprocessor Control Technology for Screw Compressor Systems

York, PA - FES Systems, Inc. introduces the GForce(TM) microprocessor control system - the continuing evolution of FES screw compressor and refrigeration system control technology.

This easy-to-use, new technology control panel features a 15 inch (380mm) diagonal full color LCD touch screen. A polyester overlay protects the 120 degree viewing angle display screen from chemical or weather damage. The display graphics are easy to read and allow easy 'one-or-two' touch navigation through the control system operation. The resistive technology touch screen can be easily operated with a gloved hand or stylus. It also has a low noise, high efficiency backlight inverter and a long-life LCD Backlight.

Remote accessibility through an intranet or internet connection, using any Java enabled web browser, adds versatility to the GForce(TM) control system. The panel can be controlled directly from the GForce(TM) touch-screen or via the built-in Ethernet connection. The owner/operator can simply use a PC and a browser, such as Internet Explorer or VNC Viewer allowing for 100% read and write monitoring and control; the same as physically standing at the GForce(TM) panel.

The control hardware features an industrial computer with a 1.5 GHz Intel® Celeron® M processor, and provides the owner/operator with the latest technology for programming and data storage. The panel comes with an accessible USB port for data transfers such as program uploads, historical data, alarm, shutdown and technical information. Any PDF file can be uploaded to the GForce(TM) and viewed by the operator. Therefore SOPs or refrigerant tables can be added for easy access. All data files are comma separated for importation into Microsoft® Excel.

The I/O is controlled by a robust multidrop RS-485 communications network allowing for both local and remote I/O at distances up to a 9,000 ft (2,750 m) maximum cable run. A custom designed I/O interface card supports 16 analog inputs, four analog outputs and two 24 point digital I/O tracks. In total, the GForce(TM) can support up to 31 I/O interface cards for a total of 496 analog inputs, 124 analog outputs and 1,488 digital I/O. This I/O interface board also has a line voltage monitor, a panel temperature sensor and three levels of 'watchdog' protection for the controlled equipment.

With the 24 point digital I/O rack, each point can be defined as either input or output. The I/O can be 24VDC, 120VAC, 240VAC or dry contact. Pluggable connectors for easy testing and replacement are standard and optional Hand-Off-Auto switches on outputs are available.

The GForce(TM) is equipped with a full set of on-screen operating and instruction manuals, drawings and spare parts lists not only for the GForce(TM) operation, but also for other devices being controlled, such as the compressor. 'Intelligent linking' from the compressor control screens to the required PDF document is provided so that quick help is available for such things as alarm and shutdown messages. Up-dated drawings and equipment manuals can be easily uploaded to keep the system up-to-date with the latest information from the factory. User supplied drawings, documents, SOP's and maintenance records can also be stored in PDF format in the GForce(TM) panel.

The new control panel comes with extensive troubleshooting features and tools, such as Rx-Trend, which gives the owner/operator a 'snapshot' of data from the last 10 minutes prior to compressor alarm and shutdown. The Rx-Trend files can then be transferred to any standard USB device and emailed directly to service support personnel, 24/7.

A UL Type 4 or 4X control panel enclosure is available with powder coated steel, stainless steel or fiberglass.

GForce(TM) panels will also have foreign language capabilities by March 2007.

For additional information regarding the new GForce(TM) control, please contact your local FES Systems representative.

FES Systems designs, builds and services refrigeration systems serving the food, beverage, chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical markets in North and South America, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Rim.

For additional information regarding this news release or for other information regarding FES Systems, Inc., please contact Jeff Cook, FES Systems' marketing manager.

Visit our web-site at www.fessystems.com.

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