Micron Laser Technology Adds 200W Fiber Laser, Broadens Process Capability of Material Thickness by 5 Times

  • With spot sizes less than 20um, fiber delivery eliminates the need for alignment and ensures little to no down-time.
  • Cutting process head and average power significantly increases process speeds and material thickness netting increased capability at a lower cost to our customers.

    Hillsboro, Oregon, - Micron Laser Technology, a subcontract laser processing service company announced the addition of a new, 200-Watt fiber laser system. The fiber laser has single mode delivery operating at 1080nm wavelength for increased percision cutting of thicker materials and potential welding applications. This technology investment exemplifies Micron Laser Technology's commitment to advancing their customers' technology roadmaps and market position.

    Once limited to processing metals and alloys under 20 mils in thickness, the integration of the fiber laser allows superior cutting of metals with 5 times the thickness. New generation fiber laser application notes indicate the laser machining of carbon fiber composites as a new potential application due to minimal thermal effects.

    Micron Laser Technology's Sales Manger, Troy Dowdy, reports, "The addition of fiber laser technology will, not only afford us new aerospace and medical market penetration, but it will significantly reduce our customers' laser cost for many existing applications due to increased process speeds alone."

    The fiber's small, gaussian beam combined with 200 watts of average output power increases aspect ratio cutting where the material thickness exceeds the desired feature size. Edge quality including taper (entrance to exit dimensions) will be improved for thicker materials. The system also has height sensing in the 'Z'-axis for precise focus location applications that require adjustment to variation in product or material topography.

    About Micron Laser Technology: Micron Laser Technology is an international subcontractor of laser material processing services. Micron Laser Technology engineers laser material processes utilized in printed circuit board fabrication and rework for the medical, military, aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries. Other diversification has led to laser micro machining of various metals, thin films, and plastics. By working closely with its customers, Micron Laser Technology develops superior, non-contact, laser material processes that enable new products and markets. At the core of its business are experienced laser technologists coupled with numerous custom ultraviolet and infrared laser systems.

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