Micrometers combine accuracy, ergonomics, and repeatability.

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Offering ±1 µm/.00005 in. accuracy throughout entire measuring range, IP65-rated QuantuMike® is optimized for accelerated spindle positioning time, and coarse thread feeds spindle at 2 mm per thimble-revolution. Measurement repeatability is promoted via ratchet thimble drive mechanism, and ergonomic design enables ratchet to be worked from speeder or thimble. To promote safety, function lock prevents digital display-indicated origin point from being mistakenly moved during measurement.

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Innovative QuantuMike® Micrometer Provides Leading-Edge Measuring Experience

(Aurora, IL) Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of the new QuantuMike® line of micrometers. The name QuantuMike, derived from the words "quantum" and "micrometer", reflects Mitutoyo's assertion that the tool represents the most revolutionary advance in micrometer technology since James Watt's invention of the micrometer in 1772, and is a quantum leap in micrometer performance. Measurement time, repeatability and accuracy as well as ergonomics are all improved over conventional micrometers. The new QuantuMike provides accuracy at an industry-leading ±1µm/.00005" throughout its measuring range and is also dust and water resistant - rated IP65.

A coarser thread feeds the spindle at 2mm per thimble-revolution instead of the standard 0.5mm. The increase in thread lead is made possible by new, highprecision thread-cutting and testing techniques.

Trials on typical workpieces show that compared to conventional micrometers, QuantuMike's spindle positioning time is reduced by about 60% while overall measurement time is decreased by as much as 35%. In tests where a conventional micrometer took 53 sec. to position and measure six diameters on a single, stepped workpiece, the QuantuMike performed the same measurements in 22 sec.

The QuantuMike's measurement repeatability is enhanced by a patented ratchet thimble drive mechanism that transmits induced micro-vibrations to the spindle contact face, providing a force that encourages good workpiece contact. Ergonomic design enables the ratchet to be worked from either the speeder or the thimble, easing one-handed measurements.

The QuantuMike micrometer features additional confidence-building features: A function lock prevents the digital display-indicated origin point from being mistakenly moved during measurement. Additionally, a graduated scale on the sleeve coordinates with a reference mark on the thimble confirming each millimeter displacement for extra confidence.

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