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Microcontrollers feature single-cycle 8051 processor.

Press Release Summary:

Operating at 5 V, Versa Mix 8051 Family of mixed-signal, single-chip microcontrollers are suitable for signal conditioning and DAQ applications. QFP-64 VMX51C1020 and QFP-44 VMX51C1016 packages integrate MULT/ACCU unit with 32-bit barrel shifter, 56 KB of Flash, and 1,280 bytes of RAM. Peripherals include 5/7-channel, 12-bit A/D converter, up to 28 general purpose I/O's, three 16-bit timers, 4 CCUs, SPI, 2 UARTs with baud rate generator, IC, and RS-485/RS-422/J1708 compatible transceiver.

Original Press Release:

Ramtron Introduces the Versa Mix 8051 Family of Highly Integrated Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers for the Embedded Data Acquisition Market

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - December 13, 2005 - Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq: RMTR), the leading supplier of nonvolatile ferroelectric semiconductor products, today launched the Versa Mix 8051 Family (VMX51C1xxx) of mixed-signal microcontrollers - single-chip solutions for a diversity of signal conditioning, data acquisition, processing and control applications in the industrial, medical, consumer, instrumentation and automotive markets. Ramtron also offers its Versa 8051 Family (VRS51x1xxx/5xx) of low-cost, industry standard, 8051-based drop-in MCUs with up to128KB ISP/IAP Flash, designed to simplify device migration.

Visit the Ramtron web site for more MCU product details.

About the Versa Mix 8051 Family

The VMX51C1xxx (VMX51C1020/1016) is a highly integrated, high-performance, mixed-signal 8051 with DSP capabilities, featuring a comprehensive set of on-chip peripherals for a complete data acquisition SoC. The VMX51C1xxx features a single-cycle 8051 processor that provides an average of eight times more processing power than standard 8051s for increased MIPS and efficiency. The device integrates an enhanced MULT/ACCU unit with 32-bit barrel shifter, 56KB of Flash and 1280 bytes of RAM. Peripherals include up to 28 general purpose I/Os, 3 timers/counters, an SPI, 2 UARTs, an IC and an RS-485/RS-422/J1708 compatible transceiver, which enables data transmission over long distances via a twisted pair cable. The VMX51C1xxx operates at 5 volts and is available in QFP-64 (VMX51C1020) and QFP-44 (VMX51C1016) packages.

Aimed at control applications that require signal conditioning, the VMX51C1020 also incorporates an array of analog peripherals such as a programmable current source, two digital potentiometers, an analog switch and an uncommitted operational amplifier.

Features of the Versa Mix 8051

A/D Converter - This 5/7-channel, 12-bit A/D converter can operate at up to 10kHz in various modes: automatic, single channel, or sequential conversion.

Complex DSP operations - The enhanced hardware arithmetic unit performs 16-bit x 16-bit multiplication and 32-bit addition in one cycle. This enables major performance gain over typical 8051 devices when executing mathematical and DSP operations - an ideal feature for applications that require digital filtering or other recursive calculations.

Serial Port Interface - This fully-configurable master/slave interface can automatically address up to four slave devices and can be configured to handle 1 to +32-bit data transactions.

UART with Baud Rate Generator - UARTs operate at over 460kbps and each incorporate a 10-bit baud rate generator freeing up the timers/counters for other uses. UARTs can be connected to the integrated differential transceiver.

Timers/CCU units - The VMX51C1xxx includes three 16-bit timers and 4 compare and capture units (CCUs). The CCUs can be configured as PWM outputs with 8-bit or 16-bit resolution. The PWMs, when filtered, can be used as D/A converters. Three of the CCUs provide a capture input that can be used to trigger the Timer 2 Capture. Additionally, the device includes input pins and an interrupt on the Port1 Change.

Power-saving features - Power saving features include a clock control unit, individual power controls for each peripheral and processor IDLE and STOP modes.

About the Versa 8051 Family

Ramtron's Versa 8051 Family (VRS51x1xxx/5xxx) of low-cost, drop-in replacement 8051s are ideal for a diversity of applications that require small to large amounts of program/data memory with nonvolatile data storage and/or code/field based firmware upgrade capability, coupled with streamlined/comprehensive peripheral support. Versa 8051s include up to 128KB Flash memory and 1KB RAM. Devices operate at either 3.3 or 5 volts and are available in 44-pin PLCC/QFP and also 40-pin DIP packages.

Development/Programming Tools

Evaluation and prototype development of Versa Mix 8051 and Versa 8051 MCUs is facilitated through Ramtron's UVK (UniVersaKit) development kit, which ships complete with Versa Ware programming interface software, C compiler and assembler.

Pricing and availability

Ramtron MCUs are available immediately with prices ranging from $.80 to $5 for quantities of 10,000.

About Ramtron
Ramtron International Corporation, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets specialized semiconductor memory, microcontroller and integrated semiconductor solutions used in a wide range of product applications and markets worldwide. Additionally, Ramtron works with various leading-edge licensees and manufacturers to bring its technology to market. For more information, visit

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