Micro Grippers suit automation applications.

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Delivering pick and place service, grippers feature blank fingers that are profiled to fit small parts. Finger sets can be exchanged without disturbing mounting setup, close with spring force, and open with plant air using valves on 3-way control circuits. Products are offered in 5 micro sizes, in 3 basic configurations, and in 4 mounting styles with choice of aluminum alloy or stainless steel materials.

Original Press Release:

Micro Grippers

Mack corporation offers a product line of micro grippers for pick and place service in automation applications involving very small parts.

Blank fingers are profiled to fit small parts and finger sets are easily exchanged without disturbing a mounting setup. Micro grippers mounted in line on a single bracket is sometimes used to transfer multiple parts in one motion.

Fingers close with spring force and open with plant air using standard valves on typical three way control circuits. Solenoid operated valves are used for control where micro-grippers are part of an automation program.

This product line is offered in five micro sizes, in three basic configurations and four mounting styles with a choice of materials in aluminum alloy or stainless steel.

Data sheet #9268 contains dimensional data and specifications.

Melissa Mack, General Manager

Mack Corporation

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