Micro Dispensing Valve can dispense from 5 to 0.0005 cc.

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Designed to meter, mix, and dispense, Model PD44 is suited for epoxies, urethanes, polysulfides, silicones, and acrylates. Balanced inlet/outlet spool assemblies do not displace material while shifting from reload to dispense station, allowing pressure feeding of A and B components up to 1,200 psi during reloading while isolating materials from mixer inlet. Three drive options enable valve to dispense metered shots, multiple size amounts, or beads as small as 1 mm.

Original Press Release:

PD44 Micro Dispensing Valve

Graco | Liquid Control's new PD44 valve has been redesigned and re-engineered for improved performance and reliability. A unique feature of the patented PD44 valve are the balanced inlet/outlet spool assemblies that do not displace material while shifting from the reload to the dispense position. This allows pressure feeding of the "A" and "B" components up to 1200 psi during reloading while isolating the materials from the mixer inlet. Upon shifting to the dispense position without any material displacement, an accurate volume of "A" and "B" components is injected into the disposable mixer inlet by rod displacement metering technology.

This technology provides precision repeatability and accuracy from shot to shot. Depending on the metering rods selected, the valve is capable of dispensing 5cc's of material down to 0.0005cc's. With three drive options, the valve can dispense simple metered shots for open potting/cavity fill, programmable multiple size for various production parts and electric drive motor for bead dispensing as small as 1 mm for the smallest of bonding applications.

The PD44 can precisely meter, mix and dispense epoxies, urethanes, polysulfides, silicones and acrylates. This valve can be used in a variety of applications such as potting, gasketing, sealing, encapsulation and syringe filling.

When interfaced with one of Graco | Liquid Control's motion platforms, a turnkey dispensing solution is provided for automating the manufacturing process.

For additional information on Graco | Liquid Control PD44 valve and other sealant and adhesives products visit www.liquidcontrol.com and www.graco.com

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