Micro Diaphragm Pump doses small quantities of liquids.

Press Release Summary:

Requiring less than 1 W of power, Model NF5KTDC-B4 includes 12-24 Vdc input range motor and is suitable for pumping and dosing neutral and corrosive liquids. Control signal from 0-5 V controls motor's speed and flow rate between 5-70 ml/min. Integrated pulse generator enables operator to monitor motor speed of pump and keep track of liquid dosage. Featuring suction height of 13 ft water, self-priming unit will pump back pressures to 14 psig and can run dry without damage.

Original Press Release:

Low-Cost Micro-Liquid Dosing Pump

There are many applications which require small quantities of liquid to be dosed accurately. Conventional full-feature peristaltic dosing pumps are often too sophisticated or expensive for these relatively simple jobs. In situations like these, the new NF5KTDC-B4 micro diaphragm pump from KNF Neuberger, Inc. is an ideal solution.

A 0-5 volt control signal controls the brushless motor's speed and flow rate between 5 and 70 ml/min. A linear rpm/ response is an indication of the system's precision and repeatability. An integrated pulse generator enables the operator to monitor the motor speed of the pump, keep track of the liquid dosage and therefore calibrate the pump.

The pump, including 12 to 24VDC input range motor, is extremely compact (31 x 26 x 28 mm), has a service life of over 10,000 hours, and requires less than 1 watt of power. It is suitable for pumping and dosing both neutral and corrosive liquids. Featuring a suction height of 13 ft. water, the device will pump back pressures up to 14 psig. These pumps are maintenance-free, self-priming and can run dry without damage.

All standard KNF pumps can be customized to meet specific OEM performance requirements. For simple dosing applications, the new micro diaphragm liquid pump is an attractive alternative to classical peristaltic dosing pumps, thus eliminating tubing maintenance. Typical applications include fuel cells, ink-jet printers, medical diagnostic instruments and cleaning/disinfectant systems.

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