Micro-Cogeneration Delivers Large Energy Savings

WEST ORANGE, N.J. — EnerSave, Inc. was recently awarded a contract to supply and install two Yanmar 10KW advanced micro-cogeneration units at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in West Orange. Yanmar, known worldwide for its extremely reliable marine engines, has more than 1000 Yanmar natural gas cogeneration units operating across the globe. Low natural gas prices have now made the United States an attractive market for cogeneration units of all sizes.

Cogeneration systems generate electricity and hot water simultaneously at up to 85% efficiency. Operating on clean burning natural gas, the units meet all environmental regulations and are extremely quiet. These micro-cogeneration units are compact in size, and are a good fit for hotels, apartment buildings, Health clubs, YMCAs, commercial laundries and large homes with swimming pools that want to reduce their energy costs.

Cogeneration is the use of one fuel to generate two forms of energy, in this case electricity and hot water. The Yanmar natural gas engine that is the heart of the unit is designed to operate continuously for years before needing service. Engine wear is nearly eliminated by the use of synthetic lubricants. In addition to generating electricity, heat is captured from the engine jacket and exhaust to produce an overall conversion efficiency of 85%. This compares to a typical central generation plant efficiency of 30%-35%.

The hot water produced by the Yanmar units will be used in the hotel laundry and for domestic hot water, essentially eliminating the consumption of natural gas in the existing hot water boilers.

New Jersey and New York encourage the development of cogeneration systems with rebates to defray a major portion of the installed cost. More cogeneration means energy savings for customers, less air pollution, less electricity imported from out of state, and a lowering of New Jersey's carbon emissions.

The natural gas abundance that the US is experiencing means low natural gas prices are likely to continue for many years, allowing most cogeneration systems to recover their installed cost in less than five years.

EnerSave, Inc. is a New Jersey based company that develops comprehensive energy solutions for its customers. These often include various energy efficiency measures, cogeneration and solar electricity. During the past several decades EnerSave's senior staff has saved their clients over $250 million in utility bill costs from a wide range of clean energy solutions. For additional information, contact Dennis Wilson through email or visit http://www.EnerSave.com.

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