Michelin Tire Manufacturing Facility in Italy to Be Driven by GE Energy Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Generator

Contract with Elyo Italia Includes 12-Year CSA

HOUSTON, TEXAS-November 13, 2006-Elyo Italia recently purchased an LM6000-PD aeroderivative gas turbine generator and 12-year contractual service agreement (CSA) from GE Energy's aeroderivative business for a combined heat and power (CHP) plant located within the Michelin tire manufacturing facility in Cuneo, Italy.

The unit will generate 38 megawatts with approximately 40 percent used to feed the Michelin facility and the excess will be sold to the national utility. The gas turbine generator's primary fuel will be pipeline-quality natural gas and it will operate in combined cycle, continuous duty in the industrial plant.

The LM6000-PD gas turbine generator is equipped with a dry low emissions combustion system for nitrous oxide abatement down to 50 mg/NM3. The 12-year CSA that accompanies this order is a full-coverage agreement with an availability guarantee.

"Elyo Italia will be able to provide efficient and reliable power to the Michelin manufacturing facility and the national utility by using GE Energy's proven technology and services," said Charles (Chip) Blankenship, general manager of GE Energy's aeroderivative division.

Elyo Italia is a division of ELYO S.A. (Nanterre, France), which has signed a long-term power and steam supply agreement with Michelin for its factory in Cuneo. Elyo Italia will build, own and operate the combined-cycle plant based on GE Energy's LM6000-PD gas turbine generator.

GE Energy's aeroderivative division is a leading supplier of aeroderivative gas turbines and packaged generator sets for industrial and marine applications. The company provides power-generating equipment to utilities, industries and marine fleets throughout the world. It is also the world's largest and most experienced aeroderivative gas turbine service provider.

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