Metso Wins Major Order for Process Optimization Services from Klabin, a Leading Brazilian Packaging Paper and Board Producer

Metso's Process Optimization Business Solution enables Klabin to significantly improve at the mill level production efficiency, increase synergy between different areas inside its mills, improve safety as well as reduce Klabin's environmental footprint.

Brazil's packaging paper producer Klabin has continued its long partnership with Metso trough a contract for the supply of its Process Optimization Business Solution which involves working with Klabin to increase production efficiency at the company's Otacílio Costa and Correia Pinto mills.  The contract scope represents the largest contract for Metso in South America and the second largest global order.

Metso's Process Optimization Business Solution consists of a number of process optimization services, built around Advanced Process Control technology, which are used to stabilize individual production processes and then improve production efficiency in those processes. The solution consists of expert services coupled with delivery of Advanced Process Controls technology, pulp analyzers. In order to better deliver an optimum service, Metso will put on site a resident for quality and process control systems already in place. A team of 25 specialists from Metso were involved in the study and proposals for Klabin, following Metso's strategy to combine different areas and experiences in an integrated solution for its clients.

In the Correia Pinto mill the focus is on washing line optimization and steam network balancing. In the Otacílio Costa site focus in on two evaporation plants, recovery boiler, causticizing plant and steam network optimization. Both mills are located in Santa Catarina state, a Southern region of Brazil.

Long partnership

During the years, the partnership between Klabin and Metso has lead to several projects. Already in 1996 Metso's Quality Control System (QCS) and some control loops for the paper machine were installed. This system has been expanded until mid-2000 and is now responsible for the entire paper machine. The first Metso DCS and Advanced Process Controls were installed in the cooking plant (2000) and recovery line (2004). They have efficiently improved pulp processes and given quick return of investment.

Now Klabin strives to continue increasing efficiency and reducing production costs. The company's R&D and production departments are continuously working to find new ways to improve production methods.

The total scope includes the following products:

Correia Pinto mill: Metso Washing Line Optimization; Metso DNA Steam Network Manager; Model Based Energy Analysis; Resident to DCS/ QCS/Analyzers during 3 years; Metso WinGEMS Process Simulator.

Otacílio Costa mill: Metso Causticizing Optimizer; New Metso Recovery Analyzer; Metso Evaporation; Metso Recovery Boiler Optimizer Optimizer; Metso Recovery Boiler Sootblowing Optimizer; Metso DNA Steam Network Manager; Resident to DCS / QCS / Analyzers; Metso WinGEMS Process Simulator.

The entire delivery is scheduled to be done in 2013.

Klabin, Brazilian company with 113 years, is the largest producer and exporter of paper in the country is leading of packaging paper and board producer, corrugated packaging and industrial bags. Klabin has 16 industrial plants in Brazil and one in Argentina.

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For further information, please contact:

Renato Camarosano Onofre, Product Manager, Automation, Metso Brazil

Tel. +55 15 9804-0130

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