Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Implements Enhanced Aircraft Noise Event Detection

Nærum, Denmark,  - Brüel and Kjær announced today that it has implemented enhanced aircraft noise event detection for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), which operates Washington Dulles International and Ronald Reagan Washington National airports.

Historically, MWAA’s noise monitors determined aircraft noise events by identifying noise levels that exceeded a defined “noise event threshold” for a minimum duration. However, as aviation technology advanced, noise events associated with quieter aircraft were not always conveyed well using the defined threshold. Consequently, MWAA sought an improved methodology to detect aircraft noise events associated with flights operating in the Washington, D.C. region.

Brüel Kjær’s Aircraft Noise Event Extraction Methodology (ANEEM) delivers a significant advancement in aircraft sound measurement capabilities to more precisely measure aircraft noise in the community.

The innovative technique extracts the aircraft noise signature from environmental noise measurements and eliminates dependency on pre-established thresholds. It eliminates the need for pre-set thresholds - which can require airports to frequently adjust settings at each monitoring location when background noise conditions change.

ANEEM accounts for lower background noise levels experienced during night-time hours and in suburban neighbourhoods. Previously, the criteria for noise event detection was challenging when aircraft noise levels approached community noise levels. By isolating the noise event signature, ANEEM can now report noise levels specifically associated with airspace activity.

MWAA, like other airport operators, has cited that community engagement established on fact-based knowledge is a critical component of a noise management program. ANEEM provides an additional tool in the mission to provide a better assessment of aircraft noise, which helps airports explain what’s actually happening in neighbouring airport communities.

“The challenges faced by MWAA and other airports are common among airports around the world,” said Robert Brodecky, vice president of Brüel Kjær EMS. “ANEEM improves an airport’s ability to more completely measure and report on noise impact to develop community confidence.”

ANEEM is operating as part of Brüel Kjær’s ANOMS (Airport Noise and Operations Management System) at MWAA. ANOMS currently assists more than 250 airports around the world with their noise abatement processes and community outreach efforts.

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