Metrology System measures ultra thin films.

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Combining PULSE Technology(TM) with MMXRF technology on single platform, Synergy MPX(TM) System measures ultra thin opaque films, such as ALD layers. PULSE Technology consists of picosecond ultrasonic laser sonar technique that provides non-contact, non-destructive opaque film measurements from 40 angstroms to 6 µm. Monochromatic source eliminates virtually all background radiation, while microspot permits measurements in scribe line test structures on product wafers.

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Rudolph Technologies Targets Next-Generation Process Requirements with Launch of Synergy MPX Metrology System

New production-worthy system combines x-ray technology with established PULSE Technology for ultrathin opaque film measurement

San Francisco, CA (July 11 2006)-Rudolph Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: RTEC), a worldwide leader of high-performance process control metrology, defect inspection, and data analysis systems for semiconductor manufacturing, today announced the release of its new Synergy MPX(TM) System, which combines Rudolph's patented PULSE Technology(TM) with new monochromatic microspot x-ray fluorescence (MMXRF) technology on a single tool platform. This new addition offers a production-worthy technique to measure the ultrathin opaque films, such as ALD layers, that will be required for next-generation processes. Synergy MPX also provides a cost-effective solution to measure the full range of opaque film thicknesses required for semiconductor manufacturing, ranging from micrometers to sub-nanometer.

"We developed a hybrid metrology solution to help our customers minimize the equipment, time, and costs needed for thin-film process control," said Robert Loiterman, senior vice president and general manager of the Metrology Business Unit at Rudolph Technologies. "Synergy MPX allows us to extend our opaque film metrology measurements down into the ultrathin film regime that will be required at the 65 nanometer technology node and below."

PULSE Technology, which is currently used for production monitoring in over 200 installations worldwide, is a picosecond ultrasonic laser sonar technique that provides non-contact, non-destructive opaque film measurements for films ranging from 40 angstroms to 6 micrometers. MMXRF is a metrology technology designed specifically for ultrathin film thickness measurements-the monochromatic source eliminates virtually all of the background radiation associated with conventional polychromatic XRF technologies, providing dramatically improved signal-to-noise ratios for accurate and repeatable measurements of sub-nanometer films. The microspot permits measurements in scribe line test structures on product wafers.

"Our Synergy Metrology(TM) approach allows our customers to mix and match metrology technologies to meet their evolving requirements," Loiterman continued. "Rudolph's commitment to the Synergy Metrology program will continue as it researches additional hybrid metrology tools as new customer needs are identified."

The Synergy MPX System will be available for shipment in Q4 2006.

Rudolph Technologies is a worldwide leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of high-performance process control metrology, defect inspection and data analysis systems used by semiconductor device manufacturers. Rudolph provides a full-fab solution through its families of proprietary products that provide critical yield-enhancing information, enabling microelectronic device manufacturers to drive down costs and time to market. The company has enhanced the competitiveness of its products in the marketplace by anticipating and addressing many emerging trends driving the semiconductor industry's growth. Rudolph's strategy for continued technological and market leadership includes aggressive research and development of complementary metrology and inspection solutions. Headquartered in Flanders, New Jersey, Rudolph supports its customers with a worldwide sales and service organization. Additional information can be found on the company's web site at

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