MetricWise PUE & DCiE Metric Monitor

MetricWise by RLE Technologies is a cost effective, easily deployed, Web based appliance that collects metered information to calculate Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) and Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE).

In the past, obtaining these two metrics was a complicated process that required deploying expensive, intricate systems. With MetricWise, gathering these important benchmarks is simple-attach up to 10 meters at key power locations in the datacenter and MetricWise does the rest.

The Web interface is simple, but powerful. The system dashboard displays dynamic gauges, charts, and graphs to help baseline, measure, and improve outcomes of various greening efforts, such as conserving energy. MetricWise can store up to two years of historical data, which can be viewed and exported to provide trends of PUE and DCiE over time. MetricWise supports SNMP, BACnet TCP/IP and Modbus TCP/IP so readings can be easily integrated with other management systems.

MetricWise solves the difficulty with estimating PUE or determining PUE based on nameplate data. The interface provides real-time measurements and gives users a way to truly compare their datacenter metrics against other datacenters using identical tool sets and measurement points. With an optional ability to post data to RLE's secure website, users can visit the website to see how there datacenter ranks among other facilities. The RLE website will list PUE and DCiE for all participating datacenters and allow registered users to collaborate and discuss their efforts to drive their energy consumption down.

"One of our strengths is our ability - and willingness - to listen and anticipate the needs of our clients. We develop new products based on customer requirements, reseller feedback, and current trends in our industry. We developed MetricWise because we saw a need for change in the way energy metrics are measured. Efficiency. Productivity. Convergence. These terms are more than just buzzwords. They're the cornerstones of effective business - especially now, when every dollar counts. " - Mike Orlich, CEO.

About RLE Technologies

RLE Technologies is a leading provider of water leak detection and web-based monitoring systems that enable businesses to protect mission-critical infrastructure and lower operating costs. The company's wide range of monitoring solutions includes their patented Falcon(TM) Environmental Monitoring Systems, SeaHawk(TM) Water Leak Detection products and Raptor Integration Solutions (RIS) custom software. Extensive knowledge of communication protocols and emerging technologies has established RLE worldwide as an innovative solutions provider with industry-leading organizations. For further information, visit

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