Methods Introduces High Performance Feeler Milling Lathes and Turning Centers

FEELER Milling Lathes and Turning Centers Include Extensive Design & Engineering by Methods Machine Tools.

Sudbury, MA, U.S.A. - Methods Machine Tools, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative precision machine tools, has introduced High Performance FEELER Milling Lathes and Turning Centers featuring extensive design and engineering by Methods, designed to provide users unsurpassed performance and value. FEELER Lathes and Turning Centers are backed by Methods" application expertise, support, and extensive network of technology centers. The Methods-FEELER CNC Lathes and Turning Centers include the HT-Series, FTC-Series and FT-Series (

"To meet our customers' unique requirements, Methods has incorporated several different designs and options in the new FEELER milling lathes and turning centers," said Mr. Paul Hurtig, FEELER Product Manager, Methods Machine Tools, Inc.

The FEELER HT-Series High Performance Milling Lathes ( are offered in three configurations including an HT-30MC power milling turret machine, an HT-30Y model with a power milling turret and Y-axis and an HT-30SY machine featuring a power milling turret, Y-axis and a sub-spindle. Each HT-Series lathe features a 3,500 rpm, 30 HP spindle with chuck diameter of 10"
(254mm) and bar capacity of 3" (78mm). The HT-30SY also offers a 6,000 rpm, 15 HP sub-spindle with a 6" (170mm) chuck diameter and a bar capacity of 1.7" (44mm). X-Axis travel is 7" + 3.2" (178mm + 82mm) and Z-Axis travel is 31.3" (795mm) in each of the HT-Series machines. The HT-30Y and HR-30SY machines also offer a Y-Axis travel of 3.9" ±2" (100 ± 50mm). The HT-Series features a 30° slant bed with hand scraped slideway surfaces. Maximum turning diameter is 14" (356mm) and maximum turning length is 27.75" (705mm). A 12-position power turret with milling capability and FANUC 18i-TB control are standard.

The FTC-Series Turning Centers (, including the FTC-150 and FTC-200L models, have linear guideways on the X and Z-Axis. The new machines feature 30° slant bed construction and a FANUC 0i-TD Control is standard. The FTC-150 machine offers a 6,000 rpm, 15 HP spindle with a hydraulic chuck diameter of 6" (170mm) and a bar capacity of 2" (52mm). X-Axis travel is 5.9" + .8" (150mm + 20mm) and Z-Axis travel is 13.8" (350mm) on the FTC-150. The FTC-150 Turning Center includes a 10-station turret and offers a maximum turning diameter of 11.8" (300mm) and a maximum turning length of 12.6" (320mm).

The FTC-200L Lathe features a 4,500 rpm, 25 HP spindle with a 8" (210mm) hydraulic chuck diameter and 2.6" (65mm) bar capacity. The FTC-200L machine offers a X-Axis travel of 6.9" + 1" (175mm + 25mm) and Z-Axis travel of 27.6" (700mm). The FTC-200L includes a 12-station turret and offers a maximum turning diameter of 13.8" (350mm) and a maximum turning length of 26" (660mm).

FT-Series Turning Centers
( offer slant bed / boxway construction and include a FANUC 0i-TD control and 12-station turret. The FT-Series includes six models: FT-200A, FT250A, FT-350L, FT-350AL, FT-500 and FT-500XL. Spindles range from 5,000 rpm, 20 HP to 1,500 rpm, 50 HP motors and offer chuck diameter sizes from 8" (210mm) up to 18" (450mm). Bar capacity ranges from 2.6" (65mm) to 6.4" (162mm). Maximum turning diameter is offered from 12.6" (320mm) to 31.5" (800mm) and maximum turning length from 19.7" (500mm) to 118.3" (3,006mm). The new FT-Series features X-Axis travel from 6.3" + .4" (160mm + 10mm) through 15.7" + 1" (400mm + 25mm) and Z-Axis travels from 21.3" (540mm) to 122" (3,100mm).

The full range of FEELER machines encompasses Vertical Machining Centers, Turning Centers, Bridge Mills and Boring Mills.

FEELER machines are manufactured by Fair Friend Group (FFG). Established in 1979, FFG is one of the world's largest machine tool builders and has major manufacturing operations in Taiwan, China, Japan and the U.S.A. FEELER is known for rigorous quality control and has invested significantly in highly advanced manufacturing equipment and research and development.

Methods Machine Tools, Inc. has been a leading supplier of precision machine tools, automation and accessories for over 50 years, providing extensive applications engineering support, installation, parts, service, and training through a network of large state-of-the-art technology centers and dealers throughout North America. For more information, please contact Methods at 65 Union Avenue, Sudbury, MA 01776, TEL: (978) 443-5388, FAX: (978) 440-9405, Email: or visit their website at

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