Methods for Cutting Large Gaskets Save Money and Increase Material Yield

Large gaskets are used in a wide variety of applications such as outdoor lighting and electronic equipment enclosures. Because these large custom gaskets can use significant amounts of material, technical buyers need to find ways to control costs. For product designers, cost savings are important, too. Precision die cutting from Interstate Specialty Products increases material yield, saving you money while meeting all of your application requirements.

Precision Die Cutting for Large Gaskets

As an experienced gasket fabricator, Interstate Specialty Products uses precision die cutting to create large gaskets to tight tolerances. Two gasket styles used by Interstate to reduce part cost and increase material yield are Dovetail gaskets and Collapsible gaskets. These custom die cut gaskets support more efficient material usage because of the way that parts can be nested. By allowing for a better yield and usage of sheet materials, these large die-cut gaskets help control material costs.

Dovetail Gaskets for Large Gasket Assemblies

Dovetail GasketsDovetail gaskets use interlocking joints to connect sealing materials at right angles. Their locking joints have high tensile strength and resist being pulled apart. With dovetail gaskets, features are cut to extend from one length of material. These features then interlock with recessed areas or tails that are cut into the other length of material.

When to Use Dovetail Gaskets

Dovetail gaskets are a good choice for larger gaskets made of softer materials such as silicone sponge and silicone foam. In applications such as enclosure gaskets and outdoor lighting, the joint’s ability to withstand localized force helps to ensure effective sealing. Cost-effective to produce, dovetail gaskets are generally maintenance-free and support bonding for added joint strength.  

Collapsible Gaskets

Saving Money with Collapsible Gaskets

Collapsible gaskets also help buyers and designers to save money and increase material yield. As their name suggests, these die-cut gaskets expand and collapse as necessary. When closed, a collapsible gasket looks like a rectangle with notched ends and an open, diamond-shaped area in the middle. As the gasket is opened, the notched ends and open area form miter cut joints so that the entire gasket resembles a picture frame.

Large Die-Cut Gaskets from Interstate

Interstate Specialty Products uses precision tooling and equipment to die cut gaskets from sheets and rolls of non-metallic materials. To learn how our die cutting capabilities can save you money and increase material yield, contact us on-line or call 800-984-1811.

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