Methacrylate Adhesives are surface activated.

Press Release Summary:

Agomet(TM) adhesives consist of 6 adhesives and 4 hardeners that bond substrates via surface activation. This allows application of hardener/lacquer to substrate up to 30 days before resin is added to bond assembly. Able to join materials, thermoplastics, and composites, adhesives can be hand- and meter-mixed. Work lives range from 1-20 min, lap shear strengths vary from 3,000-4,000 psi, and tensile strengths are rated up to 4,785 psi.

Original Press Release:

New Araldite Methacrylate Adhesives Optimize Processing Flexibility

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 11, 2003 - A new line of surface-activated methacrylate adhesives designed to increase customer bonding options while providing for fast cure and durable joining materials, thermoplastics and composites was introduced today by Huntsman Advanced Materials. The high-strength, fast-curing adhesives are suitable for use in the speaker, electrical/electronics, transportation, marine, heavy equipment, construction, furniture and general fabricating industries.

Known as Agomet(TM) methacrylates, the six adhesives and four hardeners are part of Huntsman's broad range of Araldite® structural adhesives. The new products exhibit the unique ability to bond substrates via surface activation. This feature allows users to apply hardener/lacquer to a substrate up to 30 days before the resin is added to bond an assembly. The methacrylates can also be hand mixed and meter mixed.

Easy-to-apply Agomet methacrylates are ideal for coating small and large areas with work lives ranging from one to 20 minutes. Handling time is from two to 35 minutes and adhesives can be applied from 0.02 to 0.31 inches in thickness. Cured Agomet methacrylates exhibit lap shear strengths of 3,000 to 4,000 psi and tensile strengths up to 4,785 psi.

Product Overview

The new series of Huntsman methacrylates includes:

o F 300 - a three-minute handling time, fast curing material with a 20,000 cps viscosity for no-mix and meter/mix application.

o F 305 - a fast-curing adhesive comparable to F 300 but featuring a lower 4,000 cps viscosity.

o F 307 - a high viscosity (400,000 cps) adhesive designed for meter/mix application. Offers a three-to-four minute work life and eight-to-10 minute handling time.

o F 310 - a high lap shear strength, medium-viscosity system that attains handling strength in less than 20 minutes. It is available for mix, no mix and meter-mix application.

o F 311 - a slightly high-viscosity version of F 310 with increased lap shear strength for mix and no-mix application.

o F 315 - a no-mix, low viscosity (2,500 cps) adhesive that attains handling strength in 25 minutes and develops very high shear strength (5,000 psi) after curing.

For more information about Agomet methacrylates, contact: Maria Pate, Huntsman Advanced Materials, 5121 San Fernando Rd. West, Los Angeles, CA 90039, 818-247-6210, E-mail: Or log-on to the website at

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