Meters utilize flexible gooseneck probes.

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Delivering non-contact surface temperature measurements from -58 to 1,100°F, EZ20 InfraRed Thermometer features 16 in. flexible probe, backlit LCD display, and laser pointer. Designed to measure air velocity in air ducts and other HVAC applications, EZ30 Thermo-Anemometer includes 16 in. gooseneck, dual 9,999 count backlit display, and selectable air velocity units. EZ40 Combustible Gas Detector identifies leaks of natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, butane, and LPG.

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Extech Offers New EzFlex Meters with Gooseneck Probes

Series includes InfraRed Thermometer, Thermo-Anemometer and Combustible Gas Detector

Extech Instruments, a major supplier of test and measurement equipment for the industrial marketplace, announces its new EzFlex(TM) Series, which includes the EZ20 InfraRed Thermometer, the EZ30 Thermo-Anemometer and the EZ40 Combustible Gas Detector. Built with flexible gooseneck probes, each member of the EzFlex line provides easy access in hard-to-reach locations, bringing unmatched convenience and ease-of-use to a range of HVAC and plant maintenance applications.

Extech's EzFlex InfraRed Thermometer, the EZ20, delivers non-contact surface temperature measurements from -58 to 1100°F (-50 to 600°C). The EZ20 features a 16" (406mm) flexible probe, a large, backlit LCD display for easy-to-read measurements, and a laser pointer for better aim and accuracy. It is °F/°C switchable, has a fixed emissivity (0.95) covering 90% of surface applications, and an 8:1 distance to spot ratio. The EZ20 comes complete with a carrying case and 9V battery.

Extech's EZ30 Thermo-Anemometer is an air velocity meter that is ideal for reaching into air ducts or other HVAC applications. Along with its 16" gooseneck, other advantages of the EZ30 include: selectable air velocity units of ft./min, m/s, km/hr, mph and knots; 3% basic accuracy, temperature measurements displayed in °F or °C, and a large dual 9999 count backlit display. The user can freeze the displayed value using a Data Hold function and can also record Max/Min readings. The EZ30 comes complete with a 9V battery and carrying case.

Extech's EZ40 Combustible Gas Detector is the perfect solution for quickly identifying and pinpointing even the smallest gas leaks. With its gooseneck probe and high sensitivity, the EZ40 can be used to identify a wide range of gases, including natural gas, methane, ethane, propane, butane and LPG. The EZ40 features one-hand operation with thumb-controlled sensitivity adjustment to eliminate background gas levels. It has a visible and audible alarm at 10% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) for methane. The EZ40 comes with 3 "C" batteries and carrying case.

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