Metcam Shines Spotlight on Diversity; Commitment to Quality and Sustainability with New REFUsol Fabrication Contract

Alpharetta, GA - Metcam, a fabricator of sheet metal components and assemblies for OEMs, announced today that it has signed a letter of intent with German firm REFUsol GmbH to fabricate aluminum enclosures and other parts for photovoltaic inverters used in solar panel arrays. With a peak efficiency of over 98%, REFUsol inverters are among the most efficient devices on the market, and the company is a world-leading manufacturer of the product.

"We are excited to be further diversifying our customer base with a new industry as well as a new European customer," said Metcam President Bruce Hagenau. "This contract is especially meaningful, as we will be producing a product that supports our focus on environmental management and sustainability."

The aluminum enclosures, which will be the primary production item, have an intricate design that necessitates a complex fabrication process. To achieve the high quality standards of both REFUsol and Metcam with minimal waste, Metcam is installing a new robotic press brake, a robotic welder, and other specialized machinery.

"The two main boxes are extremely difficult to manufacture, and we have been working with REFUsol for some time to clarify the process," said Metcam VP of Operations Jerry Ward. "Their standards for quality production of this product are very high, and that is something Metcam was able to address for them. When we submitted our first samples, they were impressed that they passed on the first go-round."

"Because of our reputation for quality and commitment to the environment, it was important to REFUsol GmbH that we work with a firm that upholds our values," said REFUsol purchasing manager Daniel Letzgus. "Metcam was one of only two firms we asked to bid on the job, and their willingness to meet even the most exacting fabrication standards won them the contract."

"This is a win for everyone-U.S. manufacturing, the environment, Metcam and REFUsol," says Ward. "We're all trying to conserve and be energy conscious and it's great to be a part of that."

About REFUsol

REFUsol GmbH is a world-leading manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) inverters and is renowned around the world for its technical superiority. With a peak efficiency of 98.2%, REFUsol inverters are amongst the most efficient and innovative devices on the market. Headquartered in the city of Metzingen, Germany, the firm is a global player with subsidiaries in the USA, India, China and Korea, as well as partners and offices in all major PV markets around the world. For more information, visit

About Metcam

Metcam is a fabricator of precision sheet metal components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) representing a wide variety of industries including telecommunications, electronics and HVAC. Metcam's advanced metalworking capabilities include laser cutting, punching, forming, hardware insertion, welding (including robotics), powder painting, silkscreen and assembly. Metcam also assists clients with product design and manufacturability to reduce their total cost of production. Metcam's award-winning service, combined with an aggressive focus on quality, environmental management and lean manufacturing, simplifies the outsourcing decision for firms worldwide. For more information, visit

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