MetaVue VS3200 Imaging Spectrometer comes with an adjustable stand.

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MetaVue VS3200 Non-Contact Imaging Spectrometer suitable for lab or quality control operations. Unit comes with adjustable aperture size, ranging from 2 to 12 mm, three inches above a table with replaceable trays and benchtop stand. Product features on-board camera that offers measurement of vinyl, carpet or fabrics. Unit is embedded with X-Rite Color iMatch and Color iQC software and can store sample images.

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X-Rite Launches MetaVue VS3200 For Plastics, Coatings, Cosmetics and Food

Non-contact imaging spectrophotometer brings versatility and accuracy to color measurement of wet and dry paints, liquids, powders, gels and plastic samples for improved color formulation and quality control.

X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science and technology, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, announced the expansion of its popular MetaVue™ family of non-contact imaging spectrophotometers with a new version tailored to meet the needs of the plastics, coatings, cosmetics and food industries. MetaVue VS3200 is the first non-contact instrument for industrial applications that combines color imaging with spectrophotometry to characterize today’s most complex materials. Ideal for the lab or quality control operations, it offers unmatched versatility and color accuracy for the measurement of liquids, powders, gels, or other small and odd shaped samples.

“Many quality control programs rely solely on visual color evaluation due to the shape and size of the sample,” said Dave Visnovsky, Product Manager, X-Rite. “MetaVue’s flexibility to measure a range of wet and dry samples – large and small – allows manufacturers to add instrument-based quality control to their process in order to ensure color accuracy, eliminating waste and rework. Equally important, MetaVue VS3200 can be used in laboratory formulation to measure samples that could not be measured with traditional instruments, such as wet paints or coatings, cosmetics and even a variety of foods. This helps eliminate color errors in formulation and recipe creation.”

The device features an adjustable aperture size, ranging from 2mm to 12mm, enabling measurement of a wide range of samples. Users can measure difficult samples such as small and non-planar items as well as liquids, pastes, powders and gels without contaminating the instrument or damaging the sample. Adaptable accessories for MetaVue VS3200 include an instrument stand to place the instrument three inches above a table with replaceable trays that slide in and out; an adjustable stand for accurate measurement of samples with varying thickness; and a benchtop stand that converts the instrument to a benchtop with a sample arm for measuring objects such as plastic parts.

The MetaVue VS3200 also includes an on-board camera allowing precise digital targeting of the sample. Operators can quickly and easily see the target area being measured and change the aperture size or location. The camera enables the Smart Spot advanced image feature that compensates for texture, gloss and other appearance effects for more accurate measurements of vinyl, carpet or fabrics. This helps improve color consistency across manufacturing.

MetaVue VS3200 integrates with X-Rite Color iMatch and Color iQC software for fast accurate colorant formulation and efficient quality control operations. The device can store sample images, providing an audit trail and easy retrieval of images for future reference. It also works with existing workflows and is backward compatible with X-Rite VS450 and 964 data.

MetaVue VS3200 is commercially available worldwide. For more information, visit

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