Metalworking Fluids help grind aluminum.

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CIMSTAR(R) 3800 family of fluids for aluminum machining and grinding also work with titanium, exotic alloys and ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Fluid has lubricity and biostability, is low misting and low foaming, and provides cleanliness and bimetallic corrosion control for parts, individual machines and central plant systems.

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Milacron Announces Fluid Breakthrough: New 3800 Series

CINCINNATI, OH - The CIMCOOL(R) Division of Milacron, Inc., the industry leader in metalworking fluid technology, announces a new line of metalworking fluids with superior performance characteristics for moderate- to heavy-duty machining and grinding applications. The CIMSTAR(R) 3800 family of fluids was developed to meet the tough challenges of aluminum machining and grinding in the automotive industry. However, the new family works equally well with titanium, exotic alloys and both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

"The CIMSTAR 3800 Series is an exciting breakthrough for the industry," says Don Miller, division manager, CIMCOOL Metalworking Fluids. "This new Series combines superior lubricity, excellent biostability, low misting and low foaming.

Further, it provides outstanding cleanliness and bimetallic corrosion control for parts, individual machines and central plant systems. Plus, the 3800 Series is priced to provide a competitive boost to metalworking operations." According to Miller, this new breakthrough is consistent with Milacron's long-standing focus on reducing customer process costs through the innovation of new fluid products and through complete fluid management services.

"We provide a broad array of metalworking fluid services that are tailored to each customer's specific requirements," Miller says. "For example, we evaluate the type of metals being machined, the severity of the machining operations, the type of fluid system in use - central, individual machine or both - and the type of fluid a customer might prefer - synthetic, semi-synthetic, soluble oil. Just as every customer's needs are unique, there's a CIMCOOL product to for every requirement." Further, Milacron offers fluid monitoring services to users both large and small.

For its large customers, those with central fluid systems of 1,000 gallons or more, Milacron provides weekly monitoring services.

Smaller users can monitor their own fluids right on the plant floor by utilizing a variety of fluid checking tools - from refractometers to simple Milacron CIMCHECK(R) test strips to check concentrations in individual machine sumps.

"Bottom line," says Miller, "there's more than half a century of metalworking fluid research and development and total process improvement in every CIMCOOL drum.

This new 3800 Series provides our customers with yet another solution to their tough metalworking challenges." Milacron, Inc., the industry leader in metalworking fluid technology, offers machining and grinding fluids, stamping, drawing and forming fluids, cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, machining and grinding oils, as well as specialty lubricants and specialty fluid-management equipment Milacron is also a leading supplier of chemical management fluid services, or CIMVANTAGE(R), to help the metalworking industry manage metalworking fluids and reduce costs.

For more information, contact Milacron Marketing, Company, 3000 Disney Street, Cincinnati, OH, 45209; 1-888-246-2665;

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