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Metal Photoelectric Sensor combines durability, stability.

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Metal Photoelectric Sensor combines durability, stability.

Jan 10, 2013 - Resistant to shocks, oils, acids, and alkaline detergents, PR-M/F Series employs hybrid structure that features heavy-duty, resin-filled, SUS316L stainless steel body which maintains both IP67 and IP69K enclosure ratings. Cross talk prevention function ensures interference-free operation, while another function automatically adjusts power to maintain stable detection of targets of varying colors or angles. Once miniature metal photoeye is installed, no sensitivity adjustment is required.

Keyence Corp. of America - Itasca, IL

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NEW! Miniature Metal Photoeye!

Press release date: Jan 09, 2013

Itasca, IL
Product Overview
KEYENCE CORPORTATION OF AMERICA introduces the PR-M/F Series, the industry’s first MINIATURE METAL PHOTOEYE! KEYENCE prides itself on innovation, and has brought that mindset to miniature photoeyes. The PR-M/F Series is dedicated to fulfilling three main focuses: durability, stable operation, and ease of use.

The PR-M/F Series stands as the smallest metal photoelectric sensor in its class. By employing a “hybrid structure”, which features a resin filled, SUS316L stainless steel body, the PR-M/F Series sensors can withstand approximately five times greater shock than conventional models. The heavy duty body is also highly resistant to oils, acids, and alkaline detergents, and maintains both IP67 and IP69K enclosure ratings. These features, combined with an 81% reduction in size compared to conventional models, result in the smallest, most durable miniature photoelectric sensor on the market.

Stable Operation
The PR-M/F Series ensures stable detection by greatly reducing the effects of interference and target color or angle. By operating at a higher light frequency than most typical light sources, the influence of external light is greatly reduced.  Also multiple PR-M/F Series sensors will not interfere with each other when used in close proximity, due to its built in cross talk prevention function. Along with these features, the PR-M/F Series sensors contain a function that will automatically adjust their power to maintain stable detection of targets of varying colors or angles.

Ease of Use
The PR-M/F Series has taken ease of use to next level by simplifying installation, eliminating the need to adjust the sensors, and much more. By integrating standard M3 mounting holes into the design of the PR-M/F sensors, it can be easily installed without the need for special tools. Once the sensor is installed, there is no sensitivity adjustment required and the highly visible indicators will clearly indicate the presence or absence of a part. PR-M/F Series sensors feature both Light-ON and Dark-ON outputs in the same unit, and also feature M8 connector type models. All these feature combine to make the PR-M/F Series operational in minutes.

Durability, stable operation, and ease of use make the PR-M/F Series the NEW STANDARD for miniature photoeyes.

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