Metal Finishing Company Replaces Manual Pallet Wrapping with Orbital Wrapper and Cuts Labor Costs, Saves Material

For Surtech Industries, TAB Wrapper Tornado Speeds Packaging, Adds Professionalism

Reading, PA: Metal finishing manufacturer Surtech Industries, York, Pa., recently installed a semi-automatic TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital wrapping machine that accelerated production in the shipping department and cut labor costs in half. Replacing manual stretch-wrapping, the TAB Wrapper Tornado enables one person to safely wrap the company's metal bar stock, long tubular material, and a variety of polished metal components often spanning 10 feet or longer directly to their pallet in one minute versus the five minutes and two people required to hand-wrap each pallet. The TAB Wrapper Tornado automatically wraps the plastic stretch film 360 degrees around and under the entire pallet load to create a unitized, secure load that also protects the finished, metal products from weather, warehousing and transportation operations. Surtech documented savings in labor that translated to a return on the investment in less than two years, according to Terry Spisak, president. “The TAB Wrapper is a very reliable machine that makes nice, tight wraps that look professional and for products that run the length of the skid, it's the perfect machine,” says Spisak.

Spisak ordered the 100-inch TAB Wrapper Tornado model with a wireless automation package combining an automated cut and wrap device and hand-held, wireless remote control that, together, allow the lift truck driver to operate the wrapping machine without leaving his or her seat. The driver moves the raised, palletized load into the wrapping ring, presses the start button on the remote control, then presses the stop button when the wrapping is completed, all from inside the cab. “After 20 years of hand-wrapping, these guys love it!”says Spisak, who also noted savings in plastic film since using the TAB Wrapper.

The TAB Wrapper Tornado is available in three, standard models to accommodate a variety of pallet sizes and in custom sizes for shipping oversized products. The TAB Wrapper Tornado is designed and manufactured by TAB Industries, LLC, in the company's Reading, Pa. headquarters and ships fully assembled with a full warranty, ready to plug in and operate.

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