Metal Detectors ensure fine powder quality under gravity fall.

Press Release Summary:

Pharma GF-PRO units utilize Profile software, which is tailored to meet needs of inspecting fine powders under gravity fall conditions in pharmaceutical industry. Multi-channel inspection technology and UHF operation promote sensitivity and performance needed for detection of non-magnetic stainless steel and irregularly shaped contaminants. Condition Monitoring feature and PVR software deliver proactive advice to ensure proper performance, operation, and quality.

Original Press Release:

Quality of Fine Powders Under Gravity Fall Conditions is Assured

A new generation of Safeline's Pharma GF metal detection systems has been released. Pharma GF-PRO detectors utilise advanced Profile software which is tailored to meet the needs of inspecting fine powders under gravity fall conditions in the pharmaceutical industry. The new systems deliver enhanced product quality through increased detection capability.

Developed with today's highly regulated pharmaceutical processing plants in mind, and with an emphasis on current and future compliance requirements, Pharma GF-PRO detectors deliver the opportunity for manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce overall manufacturing costs and improve competitiveness.

Detecting the Smallest Contaminants
Sensitivity enhancements have been achieved through the development of multi channel inspection technology combined with the use of ultra high frequency operation. These techniques will set new standards of performance within the pharmaceutical industry, particularly with respect to the detection of non-magnetic stainless steel and irregular shaped contaminants such as broken sieve wires.

Efficiency and Quality - The Key to Success
Maximising process efficiency and product quality whilst minimising downtime are critical as manufacturers strive for operational excellence. Pharma GF-PRO systems utilise built-in PVR software to advise when validation testing is required and to guide QA operatives through the necessary test procedure.

The issue of maximising uptime is addressed through the use of a revolutionary Condition Monitoring feature which constantly assesses the performance and operation of key detector elements. This system gives advanced warning of changes which could potentially cause downtime or compromise quality if left unaddressed.

Keeping Quality Teams Informed to Make Decisions
Critical process messages from Pharma GF-PRO detectors can be communicated directly to key individuals within the manufacturers' organisation via a unique GSM gateway communication system. This allows the detector so send instant SMS text messages and emails to the mobile telephones or in-boxes of those that need to know. Typically, the manufacturing team can receive early warnings regarding potential downtime or line stoppages via the Condition Monitoring feature whilst QA or Production Managers can be advised of over-due validation testing of the system which could lead to non-compliance issues if not addressed.

Messages from the PVR and Condition Monitoring systems are displayed on the high visibility touch screen user interface. The early warning of potential problems before they escalate to stop the production process or lead to non-compliance issues can help to give your company an all-important edge over your competitors.

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