Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping Adds Hydroforming Press

New Verson Hydroforming Press provides added versatility to manufacturing operations

[Etobicoke, ON ] [Buffalo, New York ] - June 23, 2011 -- Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping (MCSS), a leading provider of metal spinning, precision metal stamping, and metal tooling services, has recently acquired a Verson Hydroform Press. Adding this versatile piece of equipment to their line up will enable MCSS to expand their manufacturing capabilities by giving them the capacity to produce low volume runs of irregularly shaped parts at tight tolerances. It will also allow them to produce standard parts and tooling less expensively.

Hydroform technology provides an alternative to conventional matched die forming and is particularly suitable for cost-sensitive, lower volume production and for parts with asymmetrical or irregular contours. Verson Hydroforming Presses use fluid pressure instead of the punch in a conventional press to form the part into the shape of the die. The press can be used to produce a single piece, lightweight, structurally stiff and strong component that normally would be made from multiple pieces and stampings and welded together.

Hydroforming complements other techniques of metal forming -- such as metal spinning -- and gives MCSS added versatility in its manufacturing operations. Deep drawing using the hydroform method requires only a draw ring and male punch. Setups are quick and simple, and the tooling is self-centered and self-aligning. Two or three conventional deep draw operations can often be replaced by one operation. Also, hydroforming can sometimes accomplish up to 90% or more of the forming required in spun shapes.

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About Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping

Metal Craft Spinning and Stamping (MCSS) manufactures parts both large and small using sheet metal spinning and various stamping processes, including deep draw, reverse draw, and standard draw. We manufacture parts using brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and cold rolled steel, and serve many industries, including commercial and industrial roofing, commercial and residential lighting, bearing closures, air pollution and ventilation, custom display stands, funeral urns, industrial vacuum cleaners, flag stand bases, fireplace accessories and satellite dish manufacturing.

The company is also structured to offer secondary operations including assembly, painting, plating, anodizing, and vacuum metalizing, which provides customers with a single source to meet their parts manufacturing needs. Our commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and personal service has resulted in many long-lasting relationships with our customers.

From concept to prototype to production, for runs both large and small, Metal Craft can do it all!

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