Metal Conveyor Covers are custom-curved to application.

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Used for weather protection or air pollution control wherever covered conveyor systems are required, self-supporting covers can be crimp-curved into 180° clearspans as well as other desired radii and angles of curvature. Products are created from choice of ~50 different exposed fastener panels and have unfinished galvanized steel substrate. Based on 100 mph wind factor, single 24-gauge, Grade D (50 ksi) steel panel can be curved to form spans from 6 ft 1 in. to 11 ft 9 in.

Original Press Release:

Custom-Curved Metal Conveyor Covers Offer High Strength, Economy

Ontario, Calif., June 2006 - Curveline, Inc., which has a patented method for "crimp-curving" of metal building panels, now offers custom fabrication of metal panel conveyor covers in an expanded choice of panels. The Curveline process turns standard metal building panels into highly rigid, self-supporting covers that may be used wherever covered conveyor systems are required for weather protection or air pollution control.

Curveline can create customized covers from a choice of approximately 50 different exposed fastener panels available from leading panel manufacturers around the country. The company recommends a minimum of 24-gauge steel in 7/8" to 1-1/2" panel depths for most curved cover applications, although additional gauges and depths may be used depending on radius and span. Unfinished galvanized steel is the most common substrate, but pre-painted panels in virtually any color may be specified where aesthetics are of concern.

Crimp-curved into 180-degree clearspans, the covers are strong and self-supporting, eliminating the need for structural framing. In addition to 180-degree applications, Curveline can curve panels into any desired radii and angles of curvature using chord width and height dimensions provided by the customer.

Based on a 100-mph wind factor, a single 24-gauge, Grade D (50 ksi) steel panel can be curved to form spans ranging from 6-ft. 1" up to 11-ft. 9", depending on the profile chosen. With an 80-mph wind factor, the clearspan range is 7-ft. 6" to 14-ft. 8".

For further information, including a list of panels available for conveyor covers and their manufacturing sources, contact: Curveline, Inc., 1745 E. Monticello Court, Ontario, CA 91761; phone (888) 998-0311 or (909) 947-6022; email; Web

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