Metal Compactor Briquettor delivers 8:1 compaction ratio.

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With output capacity up to 1,200 lb/hr of aluminum chips, Chipmunk 1200FL compacts ferrous and non-ferrous chips into dense 3½ x 1¼ in. briquettes. It can also compact steel/ductile iron chips at rate of 2,300 lb/hr. Producing up to 50,000 psi compaction force, Model 1200FL transforms metalworking chips into dense, dry pucks. Front-load design utilizes hydraulically driven infeed auger, which separates most unwanted solids from chips prior to compacting.

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Kurt Introduces New Front Load 125 Metric Ton Chipmunk Metal Compactor Briquettor

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Minneapolis, Minnesota: Kurt Manufacturing is introducing a new, front-loading 125 metric ton Chipmunk metal compactor briquettor with high output and energy efficient operating features.

This new Model 1200FL delivers up to 8:1 compaction ratio and reclaims expensive cutting fluids. With an output capacity of up to 1,200 lbs/hr of aluminum chips (depending on chip geometry), this newly designed Chipmunk compacts both ferrous and non-ferrous chips into dense 3-1/2 x 1-1/4 inch briquettes. It also compacts steel/ductile iron chips at the rate of up to 2,300 lbs/hour.

The Chipmunk's front-load design utilizes a hydraulically driven infeed auger which separates most unwanted solids from chips prior to the compacting cycle. The system is designed with a unique mechanical kinetic energy drive, making it extremely energy efficient. In comparison to 50 hp hydraulically driven compactor systems, the Chipmunk utilizes only a fraction of the power yet produces up to 50,000 PSI compaction force transforming metalworking chips into dense, dry pucks. These pucks are automatically discharged from chute to container ready for shipment to the recycler. A floor tray holds recovered coolant.

With a footprint of just 66 square feet (plus 8 square feet for the control panel), this new Kurt Chipmunk utilizes minimal floor space and eliminates the need for large areas required for scrap storage while increasing the value of scrap.

Additional operating features include: simple changeover from one chip material to another, programmable controls allow automated or manual operation, and low mounted hopper (40 inches) for fast and easy off-loading. Hopper capacity is 404 gallons (54 cubic feet or 2 cubic yards) and is designed for shredder/dumpster/conveyor integration.

"This latest model Kurt Chipmunk is an ideal compacting solution that can help any size manufacturer reduce the cost and waste of metal scrap," reports Steve Kane, sales manager for Kurt Manufacturing Company. "It's much cheaper to recycle aluminum than to create new aluminum. The Chipmunk also provides solutions to environmental issues generated from scrap and coolants."

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