Mesh Welders include Green technologies.

Press Release Summary:

In addition to Medium Frequency DC welding and servo motors that put energy back into power supply network, GAM100 Series includes laser setup assistant to minimize setup times by assisting with accurate placement of all tooling in machine. Incorporation of linewire cassette system allows operator to setup for next wire mesh part while machine is running. Also, both available welding power and weld speed have been increased by over 40%.

Original Press Release:

IDEAL Faster Green Line Mesh Welder GAM116

IDEAL continues to develop and improve on our already very successful GAM100 series Quick Setup, line of mesh welders.  The line already includes the latest Green technologies available for mesh welders, such as MFDC (Medium Frequency Direct Current) welding and highly efficient servo motors that put energy back into your power supply network, but more recently, additional improvements have been introduced, such as  (1) a Laser setup assistant to further reduce setup times, by assisting with the accurate placement of all tooling in the machine and, (2) the incorporation of a linewire cassette system, that allows the operator to setup for the next wire mesh part, while the machine is running,  once again facilitating additional reductions in setup times, but we did not stop there.  At WIRE2012 in Dusseldorf Germany, IDEAL launched even more enhancements to the GAM100 series machine.  This time the focus was on increasing the welding power and production output of the line, which was certainly achieved.   Both the available welding power, and the weld speed have been increased by over 40% making our latest GAM100 series welders, the quickest to setup, the most productive, and simply the best yet.

To learn more contact: Scott Liebenberg or Clive White at Ideal Welding Systems, 3294 Pyramid Drive Rockford IL 61109 (815)874-4349

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