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Characterized by Java-based, platform-independent middleware, iTAC.MES.Suite r5.00 provides part average analysis and integrated alert-management system. Middleware enables true dynamic load balancing and object request broker independent fail over. Standard PAA 2.0 inspects for abnormalities in measurement data of parts that were inspected and found to be OK, while AMS system immediately reports machine or system failures or deviations from production requirements.

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iTAC.MES.Suite - the Latest Version of the iTAC Software Available in June 2006

o iTAC.MES.Suite with Java-based, platform independent middleware, integrated Part Average Analysis (PAA standard) and alert-management system with early warning functions
o Increased flexibility and expanded MES functionalities

Dernbach, June 21, 2006 - iTAC Software AG, manufacturer of MES standard software with core competency in the area of traceability, is bringing the latest version of its software solution, iTAC.MES.Suite release 5.00, to the market in June 2006. At its core, the new version is characterized by a Java-based, platform independent middleware as well as Part Average Analysis (PAA standard) and an integrated alert-management system with optional early warning system. With iTAC.MES.Suite release 5.00, iTAC increases the standardization level and the performance capabilities of the interface between ERP systems and the production process. Use of the iTAC.MES.Suite is particularly strong in the automotive and electronics industries as well as in the production of medical devices. In these highly sensitive industries, the MES-Suite enables further increases in quality while, at the same time, lowering costs and minimizing error risk - even zero-fault production.

Operating-system and platform independent, Java-based middleware, dynamic LoadBalancing and FailOver
During the server/server and client/server communication, which takes place via the middleware, the iTAC.MES.Suite operates with a Java-based framework which is independent of the platforms and operating systems used by individual manufacturers. This integrated middleware enables true dynamic LoadBalancing and an Object Request Broker (ORB) independent FailOver. As a result, the solution ensures high availability and high scalability of the system. In addition to the initial support of VisiBroker, JacORB and JavaORB, (downward) compatibility with existing installations is possible.

Integrated Part Average Analysis (PAA standard) for quality improvements with new parts
Standard PAA 2.0 originated in the automotive industry and is intended to improve product quality by examining for abnormalities in the measurement data of parts which were inspected and found to be "OK". Parts with a high risk of failure are separated and reworked. All requirements resulting from standard PAA 2.0 which apply to the evaluating software are integrated in the iTAC.MES.Suite. Even in the production process, the PAA function in the iTAC.MES.Suite identifies abnormalities in measurement parameters which could lead to "dormant" failures. As a result, products with a high risk of failure can be rejected and are not approved for release to the end customer.

New, integrated alert management system with early warning system for fault messages in real time
With the integrated alert management system (AMS), iTAC.MES.Suite release 5.00 contains new, expanded MES functionalities. The customer can individually define the specifications for the functions and applications. The AMS system with the optional early warning system immediately reports machine or system failures or deviations from production requirements. The message can be dispatched either via e-mail or an internal messenger system. The architecture or the early warning system is divided into two main areas: one for the administration of the products and another for the administration of the messages. Thus, customers who implement the early warning system have at their disposal an additional active security system for immediately reporting failures and anomalies independent of time and place. As a result, the customer can immediately respond to and correct failures.

Cost savings and risk minimization while increasing quality
By centrally hosting a production-linked package solution, the iTAC.MES.Suite helps minimize operating costs. In addition, the high standardization level of the software contributes to the long-term protection of investment. Machines also are integrated at reduced cost through release-capable machine interfaces. Furthermore, the iTAC solution can be used independent of geographical borders. As a result of this flexibility, individual production lines can easily be relocated to other locations without being dropped from the traceability process.

The iTAC.MES.Suite helps minimize economic risk and warranty costs through complete safeguarding of the production process ('zero-ppm production'). In the event of recall campaigns, the software solution also represents an optimal monitoring and control instrument, as traceability is possible in real time on an individual-item level.
The use of the iTAC-MES software guarantees an increase in quality as well as the compliance with legal and OEM-specific standards. iTAC complies with all national and international traceability normatives and standards such as the TREAD Act enacted by the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Finally, the increase in quality realized through the use of the iTAC.MES.Suite contributes to long-term customer retention.

About iTAC Software AG
Founded out of the BOSCH Group, iTAC software AG produces standard software and supplies MES (Manufacturing Execution System) solutions with an emphasis on traceability for discrete manufacturing. With over 15 years' experience, iTAC offers its customers complete transparency of the production processes across an arbitrary number of production sites, combined with a high potential for quality improvements along with cost reduction and risk minimization. The iTAC.MES.Suite is the first solution fully implemented in Java. iTAC is headquartered in Dernbach (Germany) with branches in Detroit (USA) and Shanghai (PR China). iTAC online:

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