Mercury Monitor uses dry method to measure total mercury.

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Model DM-6 Continuous Mercury Emissions Monitor measures total mercury (elemental mercury and oxidized mercury) in stack gases from coal-fired power plants and incinerators. Since product does not require wet chemicals, it is capable of continuous, unattended operation.

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New Mercury Monitor Offered By Horiba

Horiba Instruments, Inc. of Irvine, CA has entered into a long-term agreement with Nippon Instruments Corporation (NIC), headquartered in Osaka, Japan, to exclusively sell and service the NIC Continuous Mercury Emissions Monitor in the United States. NIC has been designing and selling instruments to measure mercury in our environments for the last 25 years. This strategic alliance will ensure that users of the DM-6 Mercury Monitor receive the same degree of customer satisfaction and quick technical response associated with Horiba CEMS.

The monitor is called the DM-6 because of the unique "dry method" used to measure total mercury (elemental mercury and oxidized mercury) in stack gases from coal fired power plants and incinerators. Since it does not require wet chemicals, the DM-6 will operate continuously unattended with very little required maintenance. The accuracy and performance of DM-6 was recently verified in several tests sponsored by EPA under the "Environmental Technology Verification" program (ETV). The DM-6 has also participated in other long-term field evaluation tests, including the tests conducted by EPA's Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards. These tests were conducted to demonstrate the ability of commercially available instruments to continuously and reliably monitor total mercury in the exhaust gases from coal-fired power plants. Verification statements and reports are available at

Horiba Instruments, Inc. has been providing pre-engineered and/or custom extractive, and dilution CEMS for NOx, SO2, CO, O2, & NH3 for monitoring stack gas emissions for over 25 years. Horiba also manufactures gas analyzers for numerous applications including a portable stack gas analyzer for NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2.

For more information or specific questions regarding the DM-6 contact Horiba at

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