MEMS Inertial Combo Sensors are fail-safe, AEC-Q100 qualified.

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Available for 3.3 and 5 V supply voltage, micromechanical inertial sensors can be distinguished by number of independent integrated sensor elements (degrees of freedom). Product types SD721/751/752/757/758 include one-dimensional gyroscopes, with sensitive axis in or perpendicular to assembly plane of component, while SD755 combines one-dimensional gyroscope and one-dimensional accelerometer. Models SD777/778/787/788 combine one-dimensional gyroscopes with 3D accelerometers.

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Sensordynamics Launches Expanded Range of All-Purpose MEMS Inertial Combo Sensors

Comprehensive portfolio of combo sensors makes SensorDynamics a preferred supplier for automotive, medical and industrial manufacturers

Graz-Lebring, Austria - SensorDynamics, a producer of sensors for the automotive and manufacturing industries, today launched an extended range of micromechanical inertial sensors products. These include new gyroscopes that have their sensitive axis perpendicular to the assembly plane of the component. In addition, all sensors are now available for 3.3V as well as 5V supply voltage; giving customers additional options to optimize their systems. Sensor Dynamics provides a comprehensive range of combo sensors composed of gyroscopes, accelerometers and signal conditioning circuitry for different applications.

The sensors can be distinguished by the number of independent integrated sensor elements, often also referred to as degrees of freedom (DoF). The product family includes a range of one-dimensional 1DoF gyroscopes, with their sensitive axis in or perpendicular to the assembly plane of the component (product types SD721, 751, 752, 757 and 758). The SD755 is a combination of a one-dimensional gyroscope and a one-dimensional accelerometer (2DoF). The sensors SD777, 778, 787 and 788 are a combination of one-dimensional gyroscopes with three-dimensional accelerometers (4DoF). SensorDynamics constantly adds new products to its portfolio. Two and three-dimensional gyroscopes combined with accelerometers are expected to be available shortly.

The combination of several sensor elements in a common package results in considerable cost savings for the application. For further optimization at the customer system level, most sensors provide two measurement ranges simultaneously and can be ordered as 5V or 3.3V version. As a special feature, all sensors are fail-safe: to this purpose an extensive and continuously working self diagnosis function has been incorporated across the product range. Also all sensors are AEC-Q100 qualified and offer a wide operating temperature range from -40 to +125°C. The following table gives an overview of the sensitive axes and supply voltages of the available devices. The axes refer to the sensor package where the Z-axis is perpendicular to the assembly plane.
Type               SD721      SD751      SD752      SD757      SD758      SD755      SD777      SD778      SD787      SD788
VDD 5.0V 5.0V 5.0V 3.3V 3.3V 5.0V 3.3V 3.3V 5.0V 5.0V
Accelerometer - - - - - Y X,Y,Z X,Y,Z X,Y,Z X,Y,Z
Gyroscope X X Z X Z X X Z X Z

All gyroscopes feature a typical bias less than 0.5°/s and a sensitivity error less than 0.5% over the whole temperature range. The Z-gyroscope, in particular, has an excellent offset stability of typical 2°/h. The accelerometers show an effective noise less than 1mg with their sensitivity error being below 1%.

The 1k price varies from 21$ to 32$, depending on the sensor type. Customers can contact SensorDynamics for a competitive quote for series production. Samples and evaluation boards can be ordered on the SensorDynamics website From here the latest evaluation board software updates can be downloaded. Due to their PWM outputs, the boards can be used directly in customer applications.

About SensorDynamics
SensorDynamics is a fast-growing semi-fabless semiconductor company that focuses on innovative sensor solutions for high volume applications in automotive and industry. SensorDynamics develops and supplies fail-safe micro and wireless semiconductor sensor systems for automotive key accounts mainly and is certified under TS16949. The company acts as general contractor with in-house MEMS production and cooperates closely with world-leading suppliers of manufacturing and testing technologies. Headquartered in Graz-Lebring, Austria, SensorDynamics has subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, Slovenia and France. For more information on SensorDynamics, its products and services please go to

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