Memory Foam promotes comfort during prolonged use.

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Visco-elastic foam (memory foam) features porous cell structure that promotes airflow characteristics and reduces heat retention. Material is suited for applications requiring prolonged use, including mattresses, medical pads, and recreational and other specialty type cushions.

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New Viscool Provides a "Cool" Alternative to Visco-Elastic Type Foams

Arlington, TX - December 12, 2006 - American Excelsior Company has just introduced a new type of visco-elastic foam that has far superior air-flow characteristics over competitive products which in some cases, is as high as 90%.

Chris Grafton, Product Manger for Specialty Products said; "Anyone who has ever sat or laid on a high density visco foam (often referred to as memory foam), knows that the superior comfort of the foam is hindered by the foams inability to breath which can retain body heat making it hot and uncomfortable. Viscool's porous cell structure dramatically reduces this heat retention making it the perfect choice in applications requiring prolonged use such as mattresses, medical pads, recreational and other specialty type cushions."

Since American Excelsior Company has five U.S. fabrication plants across the country all of which are capable of fabricating specialty product and providing design assistance, Viscool is readily available.

American Excelsior has business history that dates back to 1888 and serves as a leader in the flexible foam and excelsior wood fiber industries. With five flexible foam fabrication and multiple manufacturing and distribution sites, American Excelsior continues to make a commitment to better serve their markets by having their products and their people close at hand.

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