Melt Flow Testers perform measurements to ISO 1133-2.

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Complying with ISO 1133-2 requirements for materials sensitive to time-temperature history and/or moisture, CEAST MF20/MF30 are modular, single-weight measurement systems that conform to tolerances with regard to temperature accuracy and stability, specimen quantity, and pretreatment. Features include 8-test mass weight magazine and weight lifter (optional for MF20), Manual Mass Selector, and Hi-Res load cell (MF30 only). Encoder permits controlled extrusion of melt to defined height.

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Ceast Melt Flow Testers Perform Measurements to ISO 1133-2

Instron®, a leading provider of testing equipment solutions designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, introduces the new CEAST MF20 and MF30 Melt Flow Testers, which meet the stricter requirements imposed by ISO 1133-2 with regard to temperature control for highly sensitive materials.

The new modular MF20 and MF30 Melt Flow Testers are versatile, single-weight measurement systems suitable for use both in research and development and in advanced quality control. They provide the user with increased convenience for easy and accurate measurement of the flow properties of plastics according to ASTM D1238 and ISO 1133. Both lines of melt flow testers conform to strict tolerances with regard to temperature accuracy and stability, specimen quantity and pretreatment, complying with the stringent requirements of the new testing standard ISO 1133-2 for materials sensitive to time-temperature history and/or moisture.

The CEAST MF30 includes a weight magazine and weight lifter (available as an option for MF20). The weight magazine contains a complete set of 8 test masses ranging from 0.325 kg (piston mass) up to 21.6 kg for testing a wide spectrum of materials, from fast-flowing master batches to highly viscous elastomers or filled thermoplastic polymers. A high-convenience mechanical system, the newly developed Manual Mass Selector enables pre-selection of the required test mass, thus facilitating preparation and execution of the tests. All test masses remain installed on the machine at all times, eliminating the need to handle and apply heavy test masses and significantly enhancing the safety of the laboratory staff. A further standard feature of the MF30 model (not available for MF20 models) is a high-resolution load cell for controlled compacting of the material prior to the start of the test, with a maximum force of 750 N. Also included in the testing system as part of the standard equipment is a high-precision encoder, which permits the controlled extrusion of the melt to a defined height. The software supplied enables purging of the barrel at the end of a test, specifically when testing low MFR materials.

The MF20 is offered as a basic instrument to be configured with a variety of options, such as a manual or motorized melt cutting device and a high-resolution digital encoder for MVR measurements according to ASTM D1238, Methods B and C (included as standard on MF30 models). Depending on the application in hand, both models can be extended with additional modules, including a die plugging device to prevent material flowing during pre-heating, a nitrogen blanket device for testing hygroscopic materials, an acid-resistant version for chemically aggressive materials and the CEAST VisualMelt Software for storage, analysis and graphical presentation of results.

Both models feature an integrated operator panel with LCD display and a compact, ergonomically enhanced design, all of which enable testing, service and maintenance to be performed conveniently, quickly and safely.

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