Meldin® 7000 Isostatically Molded Polyimide Materials

Bristol, RI
May, 2008

The Polymer Products Business of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has
developed the Meldin® 7000 series thermoset polyimide materials for highly demanding temperature and PV applications such as thrust washers, sealing rings, and bearings.

While the Meldin® 7001 and Meldin® 7021 grades have been available as isostatically molded shapes for a few years, Saint-Gobain has just commercially launched the Meldin® 7022, Meldin® 7211, and Meldin® 7003 grades as isostatically molded shapes as well.

The Meldin® 7000 series material grades are qualified for material specifications such as ASTM D6456, AMS 3644, and MIL-R-46198.

For more information on Meldin® 7000 series materials please visit our website: or call 1 800 223 4966

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