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Megawatt IGBT is suited for green power applications.

Press Release Summary:

Rated to 2.5 kV and 2,250 A, Part No. T2250AB25E is optimized for power density as well as reliability and efficiency. This press-pack IGBT comes in hermetic ceramic package with double side cooling that results in maximized thermal, power cycling, and power ratings. Mechanically compatible with cooling systems employed for 3,000/4,000 A GTO thyristors, product offers current rating that allows for conversion of legacy bi-polar drives to IGBT technology.

Original Press Release:

Westcode Announces New 'Megawatt' Press-Pack IGBT Product

Biel, Switzerland - IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ:IXYS) announced that its wholly owned UK subsidiary, Westcode Semiconductors Limited, has expanded its groundbreaking family of press-pack IGBTs. The new device has a voltage rating of 2.5kV and a current rating of 2250A. The compact package design gives the new device unrivalled 'Megawatt' power density, with the advantages of high reliability and high efficiency. The unique hermetic ceramic package and internal construction provides double side cooling for the IGBTs, resulting in superior thermal, power cycling and power ratings, when compared to alternative technologies.

The compact fully hermetic package design is mechanically compatible with cooling systems (including total immersion systems such as oil) currently employed for 3000A/4000A GTO thyristors; this feature allowing either retrofitting or design continuation of existing systems.

The high current rating allows for the conversion of old bi-polar drives to state of the art IGBT technology, without the need to replace the basic mechanical structure. Adopting a refurbishment approach to component obsolescence is both cost effective and environmentally friendly; as it reduces consumption of both materials and energy, when compared to replacement of the equipment.

Frank Wakeman, Marketing & Technical Support Manager commented, "The high power density of the device, and its unique mechanical construction, make this device ideal for new designs, especially in green power applications such as converters for wind and wave power generation in the high 'megawatt' range. The high reliability and exceptional thermal ruggedness are also well suited to the demands of high power converters in traction applications, both for light rail and main line applications such as a high-speed electrical multiple unit or EMU."

Part number T2250AB25E identifies the new device. Westcode also offers a full range of complementary products, such as fast diodes, coolers and clamps to allow for the successful implementation of new designs. As an addition to the new device and complementary products, a full design and build power sub-assemblies service is also available.

More information is available on the Westcode website at or please contact us at (email: or telephone: +44 (0) 1249 444524 for quotation.

About Westcode
Located in Chippenham, England, Westcode Semiconductors Ltd is a leading manufacturer of very high power thyristors, SCRs and rectifiers ranging up to 6500 Volts and 15,000 Amps. Westcode continues to supply high technology components for a wide range of applications such as welding, AC and DC drives, rectifier supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, motor soft starts, transportation, induction heating, power conditioning, high energy physics and many other industrial uses.

About IXYS Corporation
Since its inception in 1983, IXYS Corporation has been developing technology-driven products to improve power conversion efficiency, generate solar and wind power and provide efficient motor control for industrial applications. IXYS, and its subsidiary companies, offer a diversified product base that addresses worldwide needs for power control, electrical efficiency, renewable energy, telecommunications, medical devices, flexible displays and RF power.

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