MegaTuff Hose Cover Eliminates Need for Spring Guards or Nylon Sleeving

Nothing is harder on hydraulic hose than the constant abrasion it takes day after day. Rubbed against metal or other hose, most hydraulic hoses - even ones with spring guards or nylon sleeving - can't take the punishment. And you shouldn't have to take the high cost of frequent hose replacements.

MegaTuff hydraulic hoses take the load off your hose and your wallet. In I.D.s from 3/8-inch to 2-inches in spiral-wire construction and 1/4-inch to 1-inch in wire-braid construction, MegaTuff hoses offer a revolutionary, hassle-free solution to the problem of abrasion. Even in the most rugged environments such as mining, injection molding, rock quarries or construction, they outperform any other hose available.

When you look at the industry, it's hard to tell one hose from another. But take another look. MegaTuff hoses even feel different. Thanks to a special cover construction and compounding that uses high-performance engineered plastics in an innovative manufacturing process, MegaTuff hoses are exceptionally abrasion resistant. And the specially bonded cover stays put. It won't peel like some competitive hoses do. Even with all this extra protection, MegaTuff hoses are flexible and maintain minimum bend radius performance.

In internationally recognized ISO 6945 performance tests, MegaTuff hoses ran up to one million impulse cycles without failure. That's more than three hundred times longer than standard rubber-covered hose. Extended hose life means less downtime, lower maintenance and best of all, significant cost savings.

Unlike other hydraulic hose, MegaTuff hoses stand alone, needing neither spring guards nor nylon sleeving - accessories that can hide hose damage until it's too late. Unloading these extras translates into significant cost savings. And don't worry about bundling MegaTuff hoses.

They'll still last longer than any other hose.

You can save money by using MegaTuff hydraulic hose instead of standard rubber-covered hose with nylon sleeving. Replace spring guard-covered assemblies and save even more!

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