Megamet and Linde to Recap Latest on 'Best Practice' for Controlling Carbon Potential of Sintering Atmospheres

Murray Hill & New Providence, N.J., U.S. – Megamet Solid Metals, Inc. (St. Louis) will summarize a 'Best Practice' that provides optimum carbon control in the sintering process of injection-molded powder metal parts. The practice involves advanced monitoring and control of the "carbon potential" in the sintering atmosphere using the patented C-potential control technology with the SINTERFLEX® system from Linde LLC.

Bruce G. Dionne, Vice President & General Manager of Megamet Solid Metals, Inc. will also explore the causes of decarburization and the theory behind the sintering atmosphere control practice in a presentation at the 2014 World Congress on Powder Metallurgy and Particulate Materials in Orlando, FL, May 18-22.  Recapping the joint efforts will be Grzegorz Moroz, Linde Program Manager, Heat Treatment & Atmospheres. "Advanced PM components design depends on high-performance materials. With SINTERFLEX® advanced control systems (ACS), we help MIM manufacturers raise the bar of what's possible," he said.

The paper, titled, "An Approach to Carbon Control of Sintering Furnace Atmosphere: Theory and Practice," will be presented in Session 63 on sintering atmospheres, Thursday, May 22nd.

The control practice was further developed at Megamet's Earth City, MO metal injection molding (MIM) production plant over the past few years in cooperation with experts in heat treatment & atmospheres from the Metals Group of Linde.  Phil J. McCalla, Operations Manager of the MIM plant, said, "SINTERFLEX has greatly improved our ability to maintain carbon in our carbon steel materials.  Linde works through the challenges with us to meet our continuing goals for process quality."

Sintering is a high-temperature hardening process that fuses alloyed powders by applying heat below the melting point. The advanced SINTERFLEX ACS allows for better control of the oxygen and carbon content level in the sintering atmosphere. By establishing a carbon-neutral atmosphere during sintering, decarburization, a frequently encountered problem, is completely avoided.

Linde, a leading global industrial gases company, provides industry-leading portfolio solutions for Heat Treatment. In addition to the SINTERFLEX process, these include the CARBOFLEX solution portfolio, HYDROFLEX atmosphere control systems and the CRYOFLEX cryogenic treatment for hardened steel. For more information, visit Linde at PM 2014, or contact Linde (, 800-755-9277.  

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