Medium Voltage Indicators verify zero energy in LOTO.

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Designed to help prevent electrical accidents, VoltageVision® R-1VH/R-1VL Medium Voltage Indicators flash with enough illumination to allow safe viewing from outside enclosure through access window on medium voltage starter, transformer, switchgear, or other power distribution equipment. Units are permanently installed into electrical system and will continuously alert maintenance workers to voltage. Indicators bolt directly to bus-work with ½ in. ring terminal.

Original Press Release:

Medium Voltage Indicators Make Sense for Mechanical LOTO

(Davenport, Iowa) Without voltage indicators the only way to verify electrical energy in mechanical LOTO is for a mechanic to work in tandem with an electrician to physically check the voltage with a properly-rated voltage detector. In this case, the electrician is exposed to voltage. Because a voltage indicator changes state from on to off when voltage is removed from its input, a mechanic alone can verify zero electrical energy without any exposure to voltage. In other words, this simple device increases safety and productivity.

Grace Engineered Products, the leader in thru-door electrical safety, has once again created a device that will aid workers in the sometimes risky task of verifying zero energy by releasing their new Medium Voltage Indicator.

The Medium Voltage Indicators flash with enough illumination to allow safe viewing from outside the enclosure through an access window (IR window) on a medium voltage starter, transformer, switchgear and other power distribution equipment. Voltage is the single determining factor in an electrical accident or an arc flash. No voltage means no arc flash. While performing electrical LOTO with any VoltageVision® indicator, like the Medium Voltage Indicator, electricians safely visualizes the internal voltage state without opening the enclosure door.

VoltageVision® indicators offer these additional application features and benefits:

o Permanently Mounted: Unlike a portable voltmeter that can be dropped or damaged in a tool belt, the Medium Voltage Indicator (R-1VL / R-1VH) are permanently installed into an electrical system and will continuously alert maintenance workers to voltage. VoltageVision® indicators like the Medium Voltage Indicator receive power from the line voltage and does not require batteries or maintenance.

o A Blown Fuse Indicator: Under NFPA 70E, checking fuses requires workers to wear proper personnel protective equipment in addition to performing their LOTO procedure. Having fuse status information readily available by looking through an IR window may eliminate reasons for accessing an enclosure.

o Simple Installation: The Medium Voltage Indicator bolts directly to the bus-work with a ½" ring terminal.

Grace Engineered Products is in the business of keeping personnel away from live voltage. The Medium Voltage indicator (R-1VH / R-1VL) is an important safety measure between personnel and hazardous voltage.

Grace Engineered Products is the leading innovator of thru-door electrical safety devices, and ships products all over the world including Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America. GracePort®, their brand of PLC ports, has revolutionized the automation industry by allowing customers to custom-design their port to meet their specific needs. Their ability to provide the customer with exactly what they need and ship 90% of their orders within 24 hours of receiving the purchase request means they live up to their motto of being the easiest company with which you can do business. Grace Engineered Products is a privately owned company and located in Davenport, Iowa.

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