Medical Packaging Tester Measures Break Force of Ampoule Bottle

i-Meditek 1300 Medical Packaging Tester is designed to determine the puncture force of medical rubber closure, pullout force of rubber closure, break force of ampoule, sliding resistance of syringe, puncture force of syringe needle, connection force of syringe needle and needle hub, connection force of syringe needle hub and shield, seal performance of plastic blood bag, and the performance of other medical appliances. As well, i-Meditek 1300 could test the tensile strength, peeling force, heat seal strength, deformation, tearing force, adhesive performance, piercing force, opening force, low speed unwrapping force and pullout force etc. of plastic films, composite materials, flexible packaging materials, plastic soft tube, adhesives, adhesive tapes, protective films, combination caps, aluminum foils, diaphragms, back sheets, non-woven fabrics, rubber, release paper and other products.

A: Prepare test specimens according to specific standards. Place the ampoule bottle on 2 V-shaped supports according to relative standards and then apply force to the ampoule bottle.

B: Select “Break Force Test of Ampoule Bottle” in test mode to create new test. Then set up test parameters and specimen parameters.

C: Click “Test” button to start the test. The test curves will be displayed in real time When a single test is finished, the upper sample grips will return. When the upper sample grips return, the test results will be calculated automatically and it will return to the result interface. If necessary, mount next specimen and click “Test” button. When all tests are finished, click “Generate Result”.

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