Medical Device measures and records urinary flow pattern.

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Suited for standard toilet set up, FloPoint® Elite Uroflow System provides peak and average flow, voided volume, flow time, and void time measurements that helps physicians assess and diagnose voiding pattern abnormalities. It consists of FloSensor, FloCharger, ScanPoint® Remote and Docking Station, Funnels, Calibration Pack, and related manuals and reference cards. System offers charting of flow pattern, as well as digital readout, printout and EMR-related report options.

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Verathon® Inc., Maker of BladderScan®, Launches FloPoint® Elite Uroflow System at AUA

BOTHELL, Wash., May 18 -- Verathon Inc. (formerly Diagnostic Ultrasound Corp.) is pleased to announce the introduction of the FloPoint®Elite Uroflow System, a convenient and easy way to measure and record a patient's pattern of urinary flow. The measurements the FloPoint®Elite provides, such as voided volume and peak flow, help physicians quickly assess and diagnose abnormalities in voiding patterns. This new device will be introduced at the American Urological Association (AUA) Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California, on May 19th. (Verathon®Booth #540)

Unlike current uroflow methods which require a special voiding chair, the FloPoint®Elite sets up in a standard toilet. This design helps put patients at ease and is intended to provide a more normal environment for them to void - key in obtaining accurate measurements.

The unique setup also means FloPoint®Elite is convenient and easy to use for medical staff. The device, which is portable and durable, installs in seconds and unlike traditional methods, there are no messy beakers of urine for staff to deal with. Cleanup is easy and takes a few minutes. The design also accommodates to an array of clinical settings.

"Many healthcare providers have space limitations in their practices or facilities. Despite the importance of the uroflow test, they can't afford to dedicate one of their lavatories all of the time to traditional test equipment," stated Gerald McMorrow, CEO, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Verathon, Inc. "In designing a better product, we also wanted to eliminate uroflow inconvenience and mess for medical staff; the individuals on the front lines conducting the tests. We see the new FloPoint®Elite as meeting both of these important needs."

The FloPoint®Elite Uroflow System consists of a FloSensor, a FloCharger, a ScanPoint®Remote and Docking Station, Funnels, Calibration Pack and related user and clinical manuals and quick reference cards. The FloSensor, which stows discretely in the compact FloCharger for battery charging, is lightweight and designed to fit into a standard toilet bowl during an exam. The FloSensor records and transmits patient voiding data wirelessly to the ScanPoint®Remote, a handset that facilitates voice annotation to assist in patient record keeping. The system offers the options of a digital readout, a printout (via an optional label writer) and an EMR- related report via HIPAA-compliant ScanPoint®technology. ScanPoint®also enables exam data storage.

Measurements provided by the system include peak flow, average flow, voided volume, time to peak flow, flow time and void time, as well as the charting of the flow pattern. Calibration is convenient and offered online.

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Verathon, formerly Diagnostic Ultrasound Corp., designs and manufactures reliable, state-of-the-art medical devices and services that offer a meaningful improvement in patient care to the health care community. The company's noninvasive BladderScan®instrument is the standard of care for bladder volume measurement. The brand is found in over 60 countries in Urology and Primary Care practices, as well as Acute and Extended Care facilities. With the January 2006 acquisition of Saturn Biomedical Systems in Vancouver, Canada, Verathon®entered Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Emergency markets with the GlideScope®Video Laryngoscope (GVL®) brand. Verathon®is headquartered in Bothell, Washington and has approximately 270 employees worldwide. For more information, please visit

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