Medical Brace Company Using USA Parts - A Growing Trend

Flexsystems announced today a growing trend to manufacture medical brace parts for companies in the United States.

“We are seeing more companies coming back to the USA to manufacturer or in the case of a few companies who just ordered from us, they never went to the Orient first” commented Diane Chapman, the President of Flexsystems.

"Our new corn bio resin is a big draw and the fact that we are the only company in the world to offer this in our industry is a nice competitive advantage. The material used is a corn based resin in place of phthalates to make the pvc flexible. The material we are buying is currently being used to manufacture human heart catheters in California. We find that this material offers the same benefits that are previous material . Excellent tensile strength, cold crack and dry crock properties, salt water and chloride resistance as well as good abrasive qualities.

We tend to make a lot of brace straps for the medical companies. But recently a few companies have us making 3d custom zipper pulls for sporty wheel chairs.

This was Ti-Lite, who offer a wide range of wheel chair options for their customers. AEL or Adaptive Engineering Labs has been ordering our 3D heat seal labels for their harness products. And we also created a two sided keychain with measurements on each of the curves so that wheel chair customers could check the rim circumference at any given time for their equipment.

Bellacure from Washington just reordered for us for the second season. We are making a wonderful and colorful brace strap for their unique and soft brace. It is very feminine and targeted to women only. To go along with the custom Velcro strap, we are also supplying them with a custom woven label. Their product line is taking off and we are proud to be a part of that. The fact that we can rush out parts to them so that the production lines do not go down is a big benefit to working with a USA Manufacturer.

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