Mechanical Vibration Switch offers fine linear adjustment.

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Along with respective measurement and frequency ranges of 0–10 g pk and 0–6,000 cpm (0–100 Hz), Model 685A09 Linear Adjust Mechanical Vibration Switch features linear trip adjustment of ~1/4 turn per g that optimizes control over trip sensitivity. Other features include DPDT relay, 10 A dry contacts, and remote reset options of 120 and 240 Vac as well as 24 Vdc. Applications include cooling towers, fin fans, large exhaust and vent fans, HVAC systems, blowers, and motors.

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IMI Sensors Launches New Linear Adjust Mechanical Vibration Switch

Patent pending design innovation provides better control over trip sensitivity

DEPEW, NY -- IMI Sensors, one of the world's largest manufacturers of industrial vibration monitoring instrumentation, announced the release of the new mechanical vibration switch, Model 685A09.  The new model features a unique new design that provides a much better sensitivity adjustment than the traditional designs.

IMI has developed this new Linear Adjust Mechanical Vibration Switch for use in various applications such as cooling towers, fin fans, large exhaust and vent fans, HVAC systems, blowers and motors.

The new mechanical vibration switch has a significant technical advantage.  The unique new design provides much better trip sensitivity adjustment than traditional designs, which allows a user to better control the trip level in the switch and improve protection of their equipment.  Additionally, due to the design and manufacturing processes used to build the switch, it is more cost competitive than any of the existing mechanical vibration switches on the market.

Some of the other benefits of the new mechanical vibration switch include low cost protection for critical machinery, better sensitivity repeatability on reset, DPDT relay, 10 amp dry contacts and120, 240 VAC or 24 VDC options.

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