Mechanical Steam Traps are suited for process equipment.

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Made with cast iron bodies, Dura-Flo Series Inverted Bucket Steam Traps employ corrosion-resistant, stainless steel valve and seat. Stainless steel bucket minimizes effects of water hammer, and PCA kit allows user to change product's pressure to accommodate varied applications. Offered in horizontal and vertical configurations, in-line repairable products are available in ½-2½ in. NPT sizes for pressures to 250 psig and temperatures to 450°F.

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Nicholson Announces Dura-Flo Series Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

Nicholson Steam Trap, of Walden, New York, announces its' Dura-Flo Series Inverted Bucket Mechanical Steam Traps for use on steam lines, process equipment, laundry equipment, steam cookers, steam heated vats, pressing machinery, unit heaters, oil preheaters, converters, coils and rotating drums.

Rugged, inexpensive and in-line repairable, Dura-Flo Inverted Bucket Steam Traps are made from durable/heavy walled cast iron bodies. Our hardened stainless steel valve and seat provides maximum corrosion resistance which extends the steam trap's service life. And, our rugged stainless steel bucket is designed to minimize the effects of water hammer. Another outstanding feature of the Dura-Flo Inverted Bucket Steam Trap is our easy-to-install PCA (Pressure Change Assembly) kit which allows the user to change the steam trap's pressure to accommodate a wider range of applications. Dura-Flo PCA kits can be installed in other brands of inverted bucket steam traps at a fraction of the cost.

Dura-Flo Inverted Bucket Steam Traps are available in sizes ½" - 2-1/2" NPT, for pressures to 250 PSIG (17.2 barg) and temperatures to 450°F (232°C), in both horizontal and vertical configurations, and are available for immediate delivery from our network of Representatives throughout the States, Canada, Central and South America and the Far East.

For additional product information, please visit our website at or call us toll free: 800-210-1300, fax: 845-778-7123.

Nicholson Steam Trap is an ISO 9001 and ASME certified manufacturer of steam traps, steam specialty and fluid control devices including: thermostatic, thermodynamic, mechanical, orifice and sanitary steam traps, air traps, condensate pumps, steam filters, steam separators, gasketed pipe union, fabricate and cast strainers, butterfly, check and triple duty valves and suction diffusers. For more information, contact Matthew Mullen at 800-210-1300 or

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