Measuring Tool performs 7 different functions.

Press Release Summary:

Made with stainless steel and fiberglass, AngLevel Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool performs same functions as torpedo level, speed-square, T-bevel, plumb bob, and mini-T-square. Able to level up to 16 in., tool includes 1/8 and ¼ in. pitch for drainage. Body of tool displays 1-20 pitch lines simultaneously with degree dial that ranges from 0-90° in 5° increments. Ruler rotates 360°, while compass feature makes circles from 2-15 in. in ½ in. increments.

Original Press Release:

Topline Innovations Launches New 7-in-1 AngLevel Multi-Purpose Measuring Tool

Topline Innovations(TM) LLC is a start up manufacturing and marketing company dedicated to providing to all industries cost effective, durable hand tools that are innovative and unparalleled in function. The products are patent protected.

The "AngLevel multi-Purpose Measuring Tool" is 7-in-1 and there is no other tool like it on the market. It performs the same functions as a torpedo level, speed-square, T-bevel, plumb bob, mini-T-square, and more.

It is extremely useful for a number of trades including, but not limited to siding (vinyl, aluminum, clapboard, etc.), framing (wood and steel), roofing, electrical, plumbing, woodworking, and general carpentry.

Product Details:
The product is very high quality, made with stainless steel and fiberglass to withstand the rigors of a construction environment. Can Level up to 16"inches. Useful as a 16" on-center step-off. Other features include, 1/8-inch and 1/4-in pitch (for drainage). The body of tool displays 1 thru 20 pitch lines simultaneously with a degree dial that ranges from 0° to 90°degrees in 5° degree increments. includes pitch-to-degree conversion table. The ruler rotates 360° degrees. The compass feature can make circles from 2 to 15 inches, in ½ inch increments. The stainless steel ruler is 7-inches long etched in 1/16" inch increments, ascending and descending on each side.

This tool is easier to use over common tools, thus increasing the tradesman's efficiency. Perform multiple functions at one time with less effort and equipment. The tool makes inexperienced or advanced tradesman more valuable and confident, as it simplifies hard tasks and angle measurements that are difficult and time consuming with existing tools. The tool is 1.5" wide (like a 2x4 stud), and 3/4" thick, half as thick as a 2x4, great for quick measurements.

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