Measuring Station works with hard magnetic materials.

Press Release Summary:

Hystograph measuring station is offered with segment measuring poles that allow simulation of magnet segment behavior under realistic conditions in electric motor operation. Air gap remains after insertion of test item into segment measuring pole, and alignment enables measurement of total flux of test item. Measuring insert consists of 2 pole shoes; flux measuring coil is integrated in lower part, and Hall sensor measures field strength in air gap.

Original Press Release:

New Magnet Segment Measuring Station from BROCKHAUS

Luedenscheid (ad). As further feature of the "Hystograph" measuring station for hard magnetic materials Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Luedenscheid, (BROCKHAUS) now offers segment measuring poles with which the behaviour of magnet segments can be simulated under realistic conditions in the operation of an electric motor.

In contrast to the conventional recording of the hysteresis curve in closed magnetic circuits, an air gap remains after insertion of the test item into the segment measuring pole, in the electric motor between rotor and stator. This alignment enables measurement of the total flux of the test item.

The measuring insert consists of two pole shoes. A flux measuring coil is integrated in the lower part and a Hall sensor is used to measure the field strength in the air gap.

The segment measuring poles are produced according to magnetic geometry and the testing procedure is carried out according to "Bosch specification" which is already under discussion in the national standard commission.

Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Brockhaus) , Luedenscheid, is one of the leading manufacturers of measuring systems for testing the quality of magnetic materials, including standard systems and, in particular, custom-made solutions for magnetizing and measuring technology.

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