Measuring Heads suit tube, pipe, and profile production lines.

Press Release Summary:

Using non-contact measuring technology, ODAC® measuring heads monitor OD, Out of Round Condition 24/7, and provide continuous information on overall performance of mill. Product diameters from .004-11.81 in. can be measured with repeatability up to ±.000008 in. Gauges are available in single plane or integrated dual-plane X-Y versions. Air curtains, cooling blowers, and enclosures protect units, hardening them to withstand adverse mill conditions.

Original Press Release:

Non-Contact Laser Micrometer Monitors OD and Out of Round Condition on Tube, Pipe and Profile Production Lines

Mount Kisco, NY, November 7, 2002 - Accurate and fast diameter measurements are provided during the manufacture of tube, pipe and profile. Compact ODAC® measuring heads monitor Outer Diameter, Out of Round Condition 24/7 and provide continuous information on the overall performance of the mill.

Product diameters from .004 to 11.81 in. (0.1 - 300 mm) can be measured with a repeatability of up to +/- .000008 in. (0.0002 mm). The non-contact measuring technology reduces the typical 10 to 15 % error of conventional micrometer readings to practically 0 %. - ODAC® gauges are available in single plane or in an integrated dual-plane X-Y version. For critical applications, a combination of two X-Y heads will provide a 4-plane measurement, based on a total of up to 4,800 scans/sec. For special cases, oscillating or pivoting mechanisms can be easily added to increase coverage, or to focus on specific areas around the product circumference.

Air curtains, cooling blowers and special enclosures protect the measuring heads, hardening them to withstand the adverse mill conditions of hot or cold manufacturing processes of seamless, welded or extruded tubes, pipes or profiles.

SPC/SQC data are acquired, charts, graphs and summary reports can be generated and uploaded into any modern factory network.

Information on ODAC® Laser Micrometers is available from Sales at Zumbach Electronics Corp., 140 Kisco Avenue, Mount Kisco, NY 10549. Telephone 914-241-7080; Email:; Fax 914-241-7096.

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